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Montego Bay

Exotic Bayside Beauty

Montego Bay bike tours

Montego Bay is blessed with the best of Jamaica’s exotic beauty, from stunning white-sand beaches calmly lapped by the azure Caribbean sea, to the radiant bounty of the Blue Mountain rainforests.

The name ‘Montego Bay’ is thought to have originated from a corruption of the word ‘lard’ during the days of the Spanish colonization of Jamaica, when lard, beef and leather were chiefly exported from the bay. Sitting in a watershed, the city is drained by many rivers, including the Montego River, and benefits from luscious viewpoints like the legendary Lookout Point atop Braco Hill.

Known for its superior cruise docking facilities and blissful beachside resorts, Montego Bay is a vibrant vacationing destination for tourists, as well as the Jamaican upper class who’ve built their second homes here. Not even Hollywood could resist the iconic island beauty of Montego Bay, filming several scenes for the 1973 James Bond blockbuster Live and Let Die here.

MoBay offers sensational cycling experiences, designed to immerse you and your family in an exotic paradise that leaves you with nothing but wonder at the blissful beauty of Jamaica. The Blue Mountain bicycle tour departing from Montego Bay has been described by The New York Times as offering ‘one of the best scenic vistas in the Caribbean’, a biking adventure so abundant in beauty that Discovery and The Travel Channel highlighted it as a ‘must-do’.

Bike past the delicately scented bougainvillea and vibrant orchids that line Braco Hill and the arresting ascent to Lookout Point, and ride beneath the canopies of the resplendent rainforests, alive with exotic birdsong and home to the one of the world’s largest and rarest species of butterfly. Take a day tour of discovery into the bedazzling Blue Mountains and pedal past expansive coffee plantations, regaled with stories of Jamaican culture and industry as you ride. End your bicycle tour beneath the waving fronds of the palm trees, parking your bike up for a swim in the translucent waters of the Caribbean or a dip in the cascades of a dramatic rainforest waterfall.

Take your biking vacation to the max with an unforgettable adventure in magical Montego Bay!

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Blue Mountain Bike Tour Montego Bay

Montego Bay · from $187.5 USD

9 hours
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
9 hours

Days Start Finish
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 6:00 am ~3:00 pm

The Blue Mountain bike tour has featured in Vogue, Departure, and Town & Country Magazine, and has been described by Discovery and The Travel Channel as a ‘must-do’ in Jamaica. The New York Times referred to the views from the Blue Mountain road as…

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