What we do

Let us help your bike tour dreams come true!

Venice-to-Porec-bicycle-tour-Girolibero What we do

As your one-stop resource for bike tours in Europe, BikeTours.com has been helping travelers’ bike tour dreams come true since 2003.

Unlike most bike tour companies, though, BikeTours.com doesn’t operate our own tours but instead partners with 70 local bike tour operators around Europe. They run the tours. We put their tours on our website, and we work with our clients to find and book the tours that best match your interests and preferences.

Here’s how we do it!

1. We take away the guesswork.

We’ve selected the top tours from local bike tour companies across Europe, so you can choose with complete confidence.

2. We offer variety and choice.

We represent 70 companies with more than 200 tours to select from, and we recommend the tours we think best meet your preferences.

3. We advise you rather than sell to you.

Not sure which tour is right for you? Our tour advisors consult with you, asking and answering questions and then offering recommendations. They are committed to help you find the bicycle tour that matches your needs and preferences.

4. We make booking simple.

Ready to book? We handle the entire booking and payment process and remain your liaison and advocate with the tour company before, during and after the tour.

5. We offer great prices.

The European bike tour companies we represent tend to be locally-owned and -run and have lower overhead than their larger North American counterparts. Their tour costs are lower, and we don’t mark them up at all.

6. We keep it local and sustainable.

By traveling with local bike tour companies, you benefit from local experts. Nearly the entire tour cost stays local, supporting local economies: guides, stores, inns and restaurants.