Extend your trip

Florence-to-Rome-farm Extend your trip

Hotel stays are included as part of your bike tour package.

Most tours start in the afternoon or evening upon arrival at your first hotel. The actual cycling typically begins the next morning after breakfast.

Likewise, at the end of the tour, there’s usually a final night’s lodging included. You’ll arrive at the last hotel, enjoy a relaxing evening, and depart the next morning.

We recommend, if you are able, to enjoy a few extra days at your destination. Arriving pre-tour allows you time to acclimate to a new time zone and explore the start city, and departing a day or two after your tour ends will give you plenty of time to relax after your active vacation.

Please refer to the tour page “Dates and prices” link to see if extensions are possible. We can always try to arrange extra nights with the operator even if the tour page does not list them. Just send us an email!

Additionally, we recommend using Hotels.com if you want to book extra nights on your own, or if you prefer to stay over in cities not included in your tour route. Or, Homestay.com if you’d like the experience of staying in a local home.