At a glance

Sweden is a winter sports mecca, known primarily for its draw for skiers across the globe. Additionally, this country is recognized for its distinctive style and is home to some of the world’s most original architecture and design.  

While Sweden undoubtedly has frigid winters, its weather is surprisingly mild in the summer. Its moderate temperatures at this time of the year allow for a myriad of outdoor activities, all without the need for skis or a snowmobile.  

Stockholm is comprised of a series of small islands, and this particular area operates as a cultural hub, home to great art, design, theater and nightlife.  

But it's Sweden's natural beauty that attracts visitors the most. Many travelers come here to witness magic, as seen in the sky when the Northern Lights aurora is formed. Others enjoy active pursuits. Winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding are extremely popular in Sweden. The mountains and canyons also offer visitors a myriad of hiking opportunities as well. And of course, cycling!

Why cyclists love it

  • Impressive infrastructure ideal for cyclists (paved roads in rural areas, rest stations and clearly marked signs)
  • The country’s beauty is easily accessible from flat, well-maintained roads and cycling paths
  • Unspoiled nature
  • Gota Canal, Sweden’s most beautiful waterway
  • A culture that is interesting and bicycle-friendly

Top tours

Stockholm Round Trip Across Swedish History
Discover Stockholm and its surroundings along one of Sweden’s largest lakes. Cycle through exciting and varied scenery, always accompanied by either one of the countless lakes or the sea which will never leave your side. 
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Stockholm Getaway Tour of Lake Mälaren
Starting in Stockholm the bike ride takes you south via the World Heritage Listed Drottningholm Palace to the town of Södertälje on rural roads. The lake Mälaren extends from Stockholm and into the region of Sörmland with its landscape of fields and forests.
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    Scandinavia tends to come out on top on many of the world’s “Best of” lists, and cycling is no exception. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which make up the region of Scandinavia, in addition to its Nordic neighbors of Iceland and Finland, are a cyclist’s dream. From stunning coastal landscapes to a system of fantastic bike-friendly infrastructure and culture, these countries are an ideal spot for a summer bike tour.

Fast facts

Language: Swedish
Currency: Swedish krona
Population: 9,415,295
Size: 173,745 square miles (449,964 square kilometers) - roughly the size of California
Border countries: Norway and Finland
National tourist office: www.visitsweden.com