At a glance

As a former Soviet-bloc nation, Lithuania’s historical heritage is influenced by its connection to Russia, but its rich culture is also heavily influenced by neighboring Poland.

Lithuania’s complex and fascinating history is surprisingly diverse as a result. This diversity is seen in its art, architecture, folk traditions and cuisine. Travelers enjoy Lithuania’s old-world charm while appreciating its modern sensibility.

Whether you want to visit the ancient villages and rural farm towns or the historical cities with their feudal castles and fortresses, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy in Lithuania. Active travelers will enjoy Lithuania’s excellent locales for winter sports, including skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding.

Why cyclists love it

Lithuania is a great destination for a bicycle tour in Europe. The Lithuanian countryside offers beautiful landscapes and quaint villages as a backdrop to your bike tour. The moderate terrain of both the coastal lowlands and the inland highlands provides enjoyable scenery, including traditional wood and stone farmhouses and green grazing pastures.

A Lithuania bicycle tour in the coastal area will take you along the dramatic sand dunes with a view of the sparkling Baltic Sea. And with Lithuania’s small size and proximity to Estonia and Latvia, cross-border cycling tours of these Balkan states are very popular.
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Baltic Capitals Bike Tour
Bike tour along the Baltic coast and National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia explored on highly scenic routes, including the three capital cities – Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn and featuring the previously-closed Curonian Spit. Travel from Lithuania in the south, through Latvia, and on to Estonia in the north, enjoying a great variety of towns, villages, and landscapes. This bicycle tour gives you an excellent feel for the different characters of these distinctive countries.
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Fast facts

Language: Lithuanian 
Currency: Lithuanian litas 
Population: 3,483,972 
Size: 25,174 square miles (65,200 square kilometers) - about the size of West Virginia 
Border countries: Latvia, Belarus, PolandRussia, and the Baltic Sea
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