At a glance

Luxembourg is a small but proud country, boasting one of the highest standards of living in the world. The city of Luxembourg is a charming but cosmopolitan mix of medieval buildings and modern attractions.

Luxembourg's natural landscape is dotted with imposing fairytale castles and hillside vineyards. The country is also known for its white wines from the Mosel Valley, particularly Pinot Gris, Elbling, and Riesling.

Luxembourg is also known for its abundance of butterflies, and many visitors come just to see the millions of butterflies emerging from their cocoons in the spring.

Why cyclists love it

  • Ground coverage: the country is small but you'll be able to cover much of it during a cycling holiday
  • Pastoral countryside
  • Beautiful vineyards, perfect for a stop and a wine tasting
  • Quaint town squares
  • A bike-friendly environment with plenty of paved bike paths and scenic overlooks

Tour spotlight

Mosel and Lorraine by Bike and Boat
Bike along the Mosel river and enjoy the vineyards and wine tastings. Visitors will cycle through the green heart of the Lorraine region in the northeast part of France and enjoy great historical cities like Metz and Nancy, France, and Wasserbillig, Luxembourg. 

The region boasts newly laid bicycle paths and old, though well-maintained, towpaths along the Mosel River and French canals.
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Fast facts

Language: Luxembourgish, French, German 
Currency: Euro 
Population: 439,539 
Size: 998 square miles (2,586 square kilometers) - smaller than the state of Rhode Island 
Border countries: BelgiumFrance, and Germany 
National tourist office: