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At a glance

From its rich culture and historic cities to its beautiful natural landscape, Latvia has become an increasingly popular vacation spot. Latvia’s folk tradition offers a fascinating glimpse into its past through theater, art, architecture, traditional folk dancing and singing, and hearty cuisine. Riga, the country’s capital, is a favorite destination for its beautiful squares and contemporary vibe, and outside the city you’ll find some of Europe’s oldest and most quaint villages. Latvia’s wonderful natural landscape and many unspoiled beaches draw nature lovers, as well. Bird watchers will be thrilled to watch the flocks of heron native to Latvia. You can also visit the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, a one-of-a-kind protected space of nature where you can enjoy the picturesque beaches or the beautiful Red Cliffs. You can also walk through the lush, verdant meadows or look at the serene Salaca River.

Why cyclists love it

Like its neighboring Balkan countries, Latvia is popular for bike tours because of the mix of urban sophistication, charming folk tradition, and diverse natural landscape. The Latvian seaside is sought out for bicycle tours because you can easily ride between the coastal towns with pleasant scenery. Bicycle paths inland are also popular, especially with travelers who want to see Latvia's many attractions at an enjoyable pace. Latvia bike tours allow you to experience the diverse historic influences and marks of natural change up close.
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Baltic Capitals Bike Tour 
Bike tour along the Baltic coast and National Parks of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia explored on highly scenic routes, including the three capital cities – Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn and featuring the previously-closed Curonian Spit. Travel from Lithuania in the south, through Latvia, and on to Estonia in the north, enjoying a great variety of towns, villages, and landscapes. This bicycle tour gives you an excellent feel for the different characters of these distinctive countries.

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Fast facts

Language: Latvian 
Currency: Latvian lats 
Population: 2,337,383 
Size: 24,938 square miles (64,589 square kilometers) 
Border countries: EstoniaLithuaniaRussia, and Belarus 
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