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Cycling adventures across a continent of wonders

Africa bike tours

Africa beckons as a playground for adventurous travelers, with its diverse landscapes, cultures, and abundant wildlife. Imagine the thrill of embarking on a cycling vacation across this vast continent, where every pedal stroke opens up a new chapter of discovery. From the bustling markets of Morocco's ancient cities to the endless savannahs of Tanzania and South Africa, cycling offers a dynamic way to soak in Africa's natural beauty.

Our multi-day tours blend adventure with comfort. Picture yourself cycling through South Africa's scenic landscapes on an exhilarating safari in Kruger National Park. Spend your days pedaling through the bush, encountering Africa's iconic Big Five, and witnessing the mesmerizing sunset over the savannah. For those with limited time, our single-day tours in Morocco and Tanzania offer an action-packed experience in just one day! Explore Marrakech's lively souks and ancient palaces, or venture into Tanzania's Moshi and the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro—each tour promises an immersive journey into local culture and natural beauty.

No matter your choice, our cycling adventures in Africa promise unforgettable experiences tailored to your pace and preferences. Join us and discover the perfect blend of adrenaline, exploration, and relaxation amidst Africa's most captivating destinations.

South Africa — Mountains to Sea at the southern tip of Africa.

South African Safari & Bike Adventure: Kruger, Blyde River, and More

COUNTRY: South Africa

9 nights
Rider Level: Recreational
Rider Level: Recreational

9 nights

Guided from EUR € 2590

Apr 21; May 12; Aug 11; Sep 1; Oct 6, 20, 2024

This unforgettable journey combines cycling and a safari experience to lead you through South Africa's diverse landscapes! You'll have the chance to interact with both the diverse culture and South African Wildlife! Beginning in Gauteng, you will cycle…

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