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Land of the Blue Lakes

Latvia bike tours

Riga Bike Tours

Allow Latvia to capture your imagination on a bike tour of this Baltic gem. Nestled between its Baltic neighbors of Lithuania and Estonia, and enjoying all the benefits of a sandy coastline along the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a tourist destination that is often overlooked. Discover the vestiges of Pagan traditions, passed down from ancient Baltic tribes, the rich folkloric legacy of dance, songs, and costumes that still thrive in rural villages, and the lush forests and sandy beaches that constitute Latvia’s scenic landscapes.

Ride through resplendent Riga on a day tour and discover a city with the highest density of Art Nouveau architecture. The city is rich in history and cultural heritage, having once been a trade center for the Vikings and later a part of the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading alliance in medieval Europe. Every street is a work of art, and combined with museums, theaters, and the tranquil shores of the Daugava River, a ride through Riga will leave you raving about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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    Beyond the capital, Latvia’s lush landscapes unfold in front of you and offer incredible day tour opportunities. A visit to Gauja National Park will see you wandering through lush forests and relaxing on the pristine beaches along the Baltic Sea coastline. Just a short journey from Riga, Cape Kolka is the perfect day tour destination, located at the tip of the Kurzeme peninsula, it boasts shifting sand dunes and pine forests.

    The country is also home to the deepest lake in the Baltics, Lake Dridzis, as well as the mysterious Lake Velnezers. This lake is also known as the Devil’s Lake for the strange meeting of its deep blue and lighter teal waters and its uncanny ability to elude those who try to find it. Whether your time in Latvia has you questing after elusive lakes or roaming the resplendent streets of Riga, be sure to take a day tour to profit from the invaluable knowledge of your local guide who’ll bring their country’s history and culture to life.

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