At a glance

Norway's harsh but stunning natural landscape has made the country a popular destination. Its famous fjords and glaciers are home to breathtaking scenery and to an abundance of wildlife, including wolves, bears, moose, and whales.

Visitors often tour rural Norway to witness the glacial landscapes, waterfalls, and mountain ranges, but cosmopolitan Oslo also draws its own fans for its vibrant arts and nightlife. Museums about the fierce Viking people of ancient Norway fascinate and educate visitors with relics, including weapons, armor, folk art, and even ruins of watercraft.

Norway is a popular destination for active vacationers – the mountains are great for snowboarding, skiing, cross-country skiing, and dog sledding. The private tourist sector is also keen on preserving the country's largely unblemished natural beauty, so there are lots of avenues for green and eco-travelers as well, including eco-friendly hotels and tours. Visitors also go to Norway to see the spectacular Northern Lights – natural light shows that appear in the evening Norse skies that look like a neon light show.

Why cyclists love it

The natural beauty and stunning landscapes make Norway a very popular choice for bike tourists. The frigid beaches to the fjords and mountains make a Norway bicycle tour an exciting adventure.

The terrain can seem forbidding for many cyclists, but routes are available to accommodate different ability levels. Coastal Norway bike tours explore the islands and fjords and often take advantage of transportation by ferry and allow you to see the charming fishing villages that dot the Norse coast.

Bike tours in Norway are also popular for the unparalleled access to seeing the spectacular glaciers found throughout this beautiful country.

Tour spotlight

Oslo Fjord Tour: Hidden Charm of Norway
This bicycle tour will take you around the fjord leading up to Oslo, the capital of Norway. Discover the hidden charm of the harbor villages along the fjord, while bicycling on small, low-traffic roads.
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Fast facts

Language: Norwegian 
Currency: Norwegian krone 
Population: 4,858,200 
Size: 148,746 square miles (385,252 square kilometers) - about the size of Montana 
Border Countries: SwedenFinland, and Russia 
National tourist office: