At a glance

Visitors are drawn to Bulgaria’s beautiful villages, ancient ruins and urban nightlife. This country offers diverse landscapes: vibrant beaches, forested hills, and steep mountains, all making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Bulgaria possesses a unique mix of antiquity and modernity, and its rich culture and history are exemplified everywhere. With its proximity to the Black Sea, Bulgaria continues to gain popularity for seaside travellers.

Why cyclists love it

  • The country's heavily forested countryside offers lush and tranquil scenery for cycling tourism.
  • Bulgaria also boasts some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Balkan region, making steep climbs totally worth the journey!  While in the mountains, you’ll witness waterfalls, glacial valleys, and rolling meadows. All that your eyes can see will awe you, and touring by bike will make for an everlasting memory!
  • Bulgaria is a country of contrasts. As you cycle through, you’ll see donkey carts and horse carriages before riding into a bustling city.

Bulgaria stories

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Tour spotlight

The Best of Bulgaria and Greece
This exciting tour combines some of the best cycling routes of Bulgaria and Greece. It takes you across the Balkan Mountains, through the rich farming and winemaking region of the Thracian Valley and across the Rhodope Mountains into Greece.
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Danube River and Black Sea
Discover Bulgaria's rich history and natural sites hidden in the canyons between the scenic Danube River and the beautiful Black Sea. This off-the-beaten-path adventure follows moderate terrain and features great opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation because the Via Pontica Flyway of migrating birds passes through here and is the second largest migration route in Europe.

The tour rides along several wetlands, including the lakes of Bugeac, Oltina, Durankulak, Shabla, Iortmac, Onogur and Tauk Liman. There is also a lot of rock-cut or cave cultural sites typical for the region. The most impressive of them are the monasteries of Suha Reka, the sanctuaries of Taban canyon, the cave monastery of St. Andrew, the temple of Cybele in Durankulak, and the grave chambers and altar at Kamen Bryag. 
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Fast facts

Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Bulgarian lev
Population: 7,364,570 Size: 42,823 square miles (110,993 square kilometers) - roughly the size of Virginia
Border countries: Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey
National tourist office: www.bulgariatravel.org