At a glance

Many people in the travel industry are calling Slovenia the next “it” destination. It’s got it all--the charm of Europe, dreamy landscapes from Alps to the Mediterranean, and a cool Eastern European vibe.

Natural beauties abound from Lake Bled and Mount Triglav to Postojna Cave. Touring the country’s many castles is one way to navigate the country, but some tourists use the numerous white wine vineyards as a guide.

Whether you want to sunbathe or hike, bird watch or listen to a philharmonic, tiny Slovenia carries a great impact on its visitors.

Why cyclists love it

  • Varied, beautiful landscapes
  • Picturesque alpine villages
  • Spectacular Mediterranean coastline
  • Abundance of medieval castles and vineyards
  • Dry, warm weather during summer months perfect for bicycle touring

Tour spotlight

Best of Slovenia: Highlights Across the Country From Bled to Piran 
This cross-country tours witnesses all top Slovene attractions. Highlights include Bled with its natural wonder Lake Bled, island church and cliff-top castle; the very wide and beautiful Bohinj Valley, located high in the Julian Alps; Triglav National Park, gushing with waterfalls and incredible mountainous overlooks; the Pokljuka Plateau, with its seemingly endless forests; Ljubljana, the capital city; vineyards and wine tasting in Karst; and Lipizzanerhorses; and visits to the coast. This trip got its tour name for a reason: you’ll truly see all of Slovenia’s very best!
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Emerald Tour of Slovenia's Gems
This classic  Slovene bike trekking trip takes you along the most popular Slovene historical attractions and to various natural points of interest. Highlights include the Slovene capital of Ljubljana with its old town center and mighty fortress, Postojna caves, Stanjel, the Lipizzaner Stud Farm of Lipica, Trieste, and Koper, an "island" town above the Adriatic. This tour truly reveals Slovenia’s treasures.
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Slovenia stories

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On Google+: tour advisor Richie recently cycled the Dolomites to Trieste tour, which highlighted just how beautiful Italy, Slovenia and Croatia really are! See these images from our Instagram account to get a good feel for the raw beauty of this region. on Google+

Fast facts

Language: Slovene, though Hungarian and Italian are spoken in certain regions
Currency: Euro
Population: 2,051,000
Size: 7,827 square miles (20, 273 square kilometers) - roughly the size of New Jersey
Border countries: Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria
National tourist office: