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Venice to Trieste and Istria

“Simply a magnificent ride.” — A.S.

“Simply a magnificent ride.” — A.S.

“Simply a magnificent ride.” — A.S.

“Simply a magnificent ride.” — A.S.

“Simply a magnificent ride.” — A.S.
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  • 7 nights | 30 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €599
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

This cycling tour begins at "la Serenissima," Venice, the lagoon city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Cycling past the beaches of the classical holiday resorts of Jesolo and Caorle on the Italian Adriatic, you will have an opportunity to take a refreshing swim in the sea. Don't forget to pack your swimming gear!

The inland regions of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia offer countless sites with very special charm waiting to be discovered; Medieval fortress towns, Roman archaeological excavations, Italian Piazzas, and buildings embossed with Venetian influences will help any visitor to forget time and space. While on the one side, the Adriatic stretches calmly and silently, the Julian Alps rise majestically to the north.

The tour ends on the Croatia peninsula. The return journey to Venice by boat is the final crown concluding this week-long cycling tour.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival in Venice (mainland Mestre)
You arrive independently at the hotel on the mainland of Venice. The "Serenissima" has many splendid buildings worth visiting and the city of Venice provides a well-organized, easily accessible public transportation system.
Overnight in Venice

Day 2: Venice mainland/Mestre – Jesolo/Caorle (22 or 50 miles/35 or 80 km)
This day you have two possibilities: either you cycle along the dam and the lagoon to Venice or you cycle through the backcountry following the river Sile to reach Jesolo/Caorle.

The first few kilometers in the lagoon city are traveled by bicycle, then you take a ferry across to Punta Sabbioni (ticket not included in tour price). On the endless beaches at Litorale di Cavallino, a spit of land in the north of the lagoon, the route is lined by numerous fishing boats and souvenir stalls. Before you leave Venice through the "backdoor," the opportunity exists for an excursion to the lighthouse at the outmost end of the island for a last view of the lagoon city and the surrounding islands. On the way to Jesolo, one can hardly resist the opportunity to have a refreshing dip into the cool water.

If you choose the alternative through the hinterland, you cycle along the river Sile. This natural river carries a constant amount of water and flows quietly; that's why its name is derived from the Latin word "silet" which means "keep silent." Passing the ruins of Torre Caligo, a tower from the Middle Ages which is situated near the homonymous canal "Caligo."
Overnight in Jesolo/Caorle.

Day 3: Jesolo/Caorle – Concordia Sagittaria/Portogruaro (19 or 31 miles/30 or 50 km)
Cycling along the coast and past the last fishermen's cottages, you reach Caorle, a wonderful, small, seaside resort with a historical center. On reaching this destination, you leave the sea for a while and head to the the mainland toward the Julian Alps on the horizon.

During the period of the Venetian Republic, it was convenient for the interior to encompass Portogruaro as a very important River harbor in the "Serenissima." Even today there are those in Portogruaro who regard their city as the most Venetian. They are not entirely incorrect when you look at the Venetian embellishments of the magnificent buildings and places.
Overnight in Concordia Sagittaria/Portoguaro.

Day 4: Concordia Sagittaria/Portogruaro – Aquileia/Grado (28 or 55 miles/45* or 65 km) + ship
Besides the beaches of the Adriatic, there is a lot to discover: ruins of former Roman cities, ancient churches and lonely landscapes on the edge of the lagoon. From Marano Lagunare you take the boat until shortly before Aquileia, once a large city of the Roman Empire, excavations of the Roman city can be seen in the open-air-site and in two museums.

*You have the option to shorten the first part of the day by a train ride to Latisana before hopping on your bike (ticket not included in tour cost).
Overnight in Aquileia/Grado.

Day 5: Aquilea/Grado – Trieste (43 miles/70 km or 25 miles/40 km) + train (ticket not included)
Today's route continues through the hinterland of Trieste and a barren landscape of rocky caverns before returning to the sea and a coastline of unique beauty where the elevated plateaus plunge into the deep blue water and the white precipices stand upright jutting towards the heavens. The coastal road then follows through scenic resorts like Duino, Sistiana, Miramare, and Barcola. Take time to visit the romantic castle of Miramare high above the Bay of Grignano situated in the middle of a beautiful park in which more the 2000 plants prosper.

High above the Gulf of Trieste is an entrenched city bearing the same name. Once a harbor metropolis of the Habsburgs Empire, Trieste is where you will be spending the night.
Overnight in Trieste.

Day 6: Trieste – Portorož/Piran (21 or 40 miles/35 or 65 km) + ferry Trieste-Muggia (ticket not included)
Only after a few kilometers today, we take leave of Italy. In Slovenia, the route continues predominantly on cycle paths through well-known seaside resorts like Koper (Capodistria) and Izola (Isola d' Istria), to Piran (Pirano) or to Portorož (Portorose), a spa resort on the Slovenian Riviera. There is a little bit longer alternative of this stage which passes along the valley "Rosandra" in the backcountry.
Overnight in Portoroz/Piran.

Day 7: Portorož/Piran – Poreč (43 miles/70 km)
Cycling past the salt gardens of Secovlje where sea salt is recovered through natural vaporization, you cross over the border into Croatia. The route travels through the Croatian part of Istria, the largest peninsula on the Adriatic with its slightly hilly terrain on the way to Porec, the most important coastal city on the west coast of Istria. It is certainly worth a visit to Euphrasian-Basilica which has been taken up by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site.
Overnight in Porec.

Day 8: Departure from Porec
Individual departure. If you return by ferry to Venice (ticket not included in the package price), you can sit back and review your memories of the tour as the boat continues to the lagoon city.

Route map

Maps reflect your approximate overnight locations and do not reflect your actual cycling route.


Saturdays: Apr 13-Jul 20, Aug 24-Sep 28, 2019; Wednesdays: May 1-Jul 24, Aug 28-Sep 25, 2019; Sundays: May 5-Jun 30, Sep 1-29, 2019 (additional dates available for groups of 5 or more)
Low season: Apr 13, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019, Sep 15, 2019 - Oct 04, 2019
High season: Jun 15, 2019 - Sep 14, 2019


Tour package

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Average Ratings

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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 3.1
  • Value 4.5
  • Included meals 4.5
  • Bikes & equipment 4.1
  • Hotels or boat 4.5
  • Scenery 4.4
  • Ease of navigation 3.1
  • Tour documents 3.6
  • Local tour company services 4.2
  • Route selection 3.9


Juiti September 29, 2018

Unforgettable!!! The hidden beauty of the Venetian region and Croatian Adriatic:

I love this route. It combined beautiful nature landscapes with historic spot and charmy littles towns.
We had great experience sharing time with fun bikers around the world.
Even if the hotels were in general ok we would have preferred to pay a bit more for better quality and location.

Karl57 September 13, 2018

Great trip

Great trip. Would highly recommend. Every stopover destination was well worth exploring. If we did it again we would customize the tour with an extra day to explore each stopover destination.

alda December 19, 2017

absolutely fabulous

What a wonderful itinerary with varied scenery from the lagoons and beaches of Italy to the more mountainous coast of Istria. Going through three countries was very interesting and the accomodations and places we visited were top notch.

Responses from

Brittany February 23, 2019
We're glad to hear you had a fantastic time on tour. Thank you for your review!
Cycle2017 September 25, 2017

Our Venice to Porec Challenge

This tour proved to be more challenging than anticipated, partly due to torrential rains on 2 days and windy conditions most of the week. Concerns included long riding distances with limited facilities between some of the planned stops -e.g. -few restaurants or stores to purchase snacks and more water. The signage didn't always match the tour directions, creating confusion and likely longer rides than planned. The final day -70 km, with 50% uphill is a challenge for casual riders. Casual recreational riders will find some of the days long and some of the terrain challenging. The local provider provided excellent support when we were flooded out of a hotel and unable to ride due to area flooding, and also assisted with transportation for the final transfer when a member of the group was ill, and weather conditions were miserable. Despite this, our group, 3 recreational riders and 1 experienced rider, enjoyed visiting the beautiful cities along the route -when the weather cooperated.

Responses from

Jim Johnson, founder and president February 23, 2019
Janet, thank you for your valuable feedback, which we will pass along to the local tour company. We'll also take your comments into consideration when advising future clients.
MarknPat September 9, 2017

Expectations Exceeded

We spent a few extra days in Venice to start and 5 extra days in Porec at the end. Really glad we spent the extra time. Extending the bike rental was not a problem.
The tour in between was awesome. Accommodations were better than expected and all the towns were charming.

I had a little trouble with my bike. The front hub was a little tight so the wheel didn't spin as freely as it should have. I noticed when we picked up the bikes but didn't think too much of it. After a couple days I contacted the tour company and they brought me a different and better bike. Kudos to the tour operator.

At one hotel there was confusion about a reservation for someone travelling with us. Again, the tour company stepped up. The real measure of the tour company is how they handle problems. They were terrific.

Had a couple directional issues. We have T-Mobile so GPS worked perfectly. Previously we had AT&T with the international package. It was underwhelming to say the least. I highly recommend T-Mobile.

Final day was a bit of a climbing challenge for Mrs. But we managed. The highlights of the tour were riding along the Adriatic, taking the occasional swim and the people we met.

Garbo 55 June 17, 2017

With this being our very first bike tour, and we had chosen the self-guided option we found the adjustment to the directions a little difficult (some vital information was lost in translation) but having said that, there was an incredible sense of accomplishment after completing each day. We also were not prepared for the climate we encountered, we had looked at the temps. before we left and it looked like 22/24 C., but ended up being in the high 20's and low 30's, this really depleted our energy levels. The destinations could not have been more diverse with each one having its own unique quality we really enjoyed. They all had an amazing breakfast to start the day with and were very helpful with storing the bikes etc... The journey through the countryside and along the coast was so spectacular, our only wish I guess would have been to have had more time to enjoy each day. After our first couple of days we were a little overwhelmed with trying to stay on track rather then enjoying the moment. Having been home for a couple of weeks now however and looking back we would challenge ourselves again in a different place.

kiki1970 October 22, 2016

The overall experience on this bike trip was good. The rain that occurred on 4 of the 7 days of the trip was unexpected. The locals informed us that it hadn't rained in 2 months so it caught up to us. The accommodations and food were excellent. The real problems were the maps that were provided. They need to be more tour specific. When arriving in the destination city, specific directions should be included in finding that hotel. We spent too much time looking for our hotel for the evening. Also the written instructions are a translation from the German guide. In some cases the instructions didn't match what we saw on the ground or what the sign posts indicated. In general, the people that we dealt with in the States and Italy were great. I only wish that we would have taken a day break some where in the middle(Trieste?) to refresh and recuperate. We didn't know we could do it. I highly recommend this before heading into Croatia.

artnscience December 30, 2015

Wonderful Coastal Trip around the upper Adriatic Sea

The route, maps, bicycles, accommodations and weather were perfect for our self-guided trip. We were lucky to be able to attend a Vivaldi Concert at the Cathedral in Grado. It was a one night only performance and our hotel host provided us with tickets.
Crossing the borders between Italy and Slovenia and between Slovenia and Croatia by bicycle was a fun experience as was seeing Piran and Porec. A car rally was going on in Porec which made it even more interesting.
We had one confusing route situation. The arrows and cue sheet had us going right and then left onto a farm road (see linked photo) when it should have said left and then right. Other than that our directions were perfect.

Pedalann December 29, 2015

Interesting Tour around Part of the Adriatic Sea

This tour gave us a chance to see much of the coastal region of the old Venice/Roman Empire. We enjoyed the lovely towns, pastoral countryside and views of the Adriatic. We sometimes had difficulty navigating as the cue sheets. maps and route marks did not always agree. The tour operators had warned us that some of the routes were being revised. However, we are good navigators and did find our way without too much back tracking. Concordia, Grado, Trieste, Piran and Porec were wonderful to visit. The new sections of bike trails were joys to ride.

Alpskier November 14, 2015

I've Done 8 Trips. Here's My Favorite!

It's simply a magnificent ride. You begin in Venice, ride along the coast, passing beautiful beaches, going inland through rural farmland, and finally reaching Trieste, an old city that has a lot to offer. And that's just the Italian portion. The ride then takes you into Slovenia and ends in Croatia. For me, the century-old towns of Piran, Slovenia, and Porec, Croatia were magical - adult Disneyland. They are well-preserved and inviting as you aimlessly walk through narrow streets with stunning architecture. Locals were great. The ride is well-marked and the road book you're given is easy to follow. The local tour operator is most helpful. Most of the ride is easy, flat, doable miles per day - about 35. Once you get into Slovenia, you follow a beautiful paved bikeway along the rugged coast that brings you through one picturesque town after another. Finally, the last ride is a bit challenging as you reach hilly, yet doable terrain. I loved the hotels as they all were family-run and charming beyond belief. I guess it's the diversity of the journey. And riding a bike through a country is simply the best way to connect to the culture, people, and the land. Book this one. You won't be disappointed.