Vienna Wine Tasting E-Bike Tour

    • 4 hours | 25 miles
    • From €74 EUR
    • Vienna
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

    4 hours | 25 miles
    From €74 EUR

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    • Discover the wine of Wien in Klosterneuburg Abbey

      Take the wine tour of Wien for a full-bodied biking experience to savor! This tantalizing wine tasting e-bike tour hits all the right notes, coupling unmissable Vienna sightseeing spots with a unique guided tour and tasting at Klosterneuburg Abbey. Enjoy the benefits of bike rental and a family-friendly day tour suitable for children.

      Riding along the Ringstraße is like gliding through a gallery of exquisite urban architecture - pass by palaces, statues, and other beautiful buildings, before discovering the Danube Canal. Enjoy a leisurely cycle beside the deep green waters of the Danube - there's beauty everywhere you look. Your tour guide will point out stunning sights as you near the suburb of Nussdorf, made rich by viticulture in the 18th Century. By 1820, over half of the region’s unusable farmland was covered by vineyards. So begins the wine-themed section of your bicycle tour!

      Klosterneuburg Abbey is unmissable in both senses of the word - a monumental monastery of staggering size and breathtaking beauty. Here, park up your e-bike for a half hour tour of the incredible interior. Afterwards, enjoy the monastery’s wonderful wines (or fruit juices) in the oldest existing winery in Austria. A cycle around Danube Island provides a sweet aftertaste to finish off your day tour.

      Give it a swirl!

      • Danube Canal in Vienna, Austria. CC:Joadl
      • Delicious wines in Vienna, Austria. Luca J@Unsplash
      • Wooden wine barrels, Klosterneuburg, Vienna. Herbert Frank@Flickr
      • A typical Heurigen-Restaurant - a small Viennese pub specializing in wines. CC:Otto Domes

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      Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday · May 1–Sep 30 10:30 am ~2:30 pm


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      Adult €74



      Ringstraße, Danube Canal, Nussdorf, Klosterneuburg Abbey, wine tasting, Danube Island

      What’s included

      • E-Bike with basket and helmet rental
      • Experienced local guide
      • Wine cellar tour of Klosterneuburg Abbey
      • Commented wine tasting (exclusively for 16+participants)

      Meeting place & directions

      Pedal Power

      1010 Wien, Bösendorferstraße 5

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