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Germany's fairytale castles, romantic villages and bustling cities are surrounded by a wealth of pristine natural landscapes. Only a unified nation since 1990, Germany now boasts Europe's largest economy and second most populous nation. Within its unified boundaries, Germany remains a nation of diversity. Northern Germany’s coastal terrain along the Baltic Sea includes Hamburg, a harbor city of canals and waterways.

Southern Germany's Bavaria region, known as "the green roof of Germany," features snow-tipped Alps, the Black Forest, Neuschwanstein Castle and the historic, picturesque city of Munich. Cruise the Rhine River through the western regions and visit Cologne's famous Gothic Cathedral built in 1248. Experience the arts, fashion and music in the capital, Berlin, and see the revitalized city of Dresden destroyed during World War II.

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Popular regions

Bavaria/Southern Germany
Located in southeast Germany, Bavaria is Germany's second largest state. Home to many miles of cycling paths, the region features the Bavarian and Bohemian Forests, Lake Constance, the Danube and Main Rivers.
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Danube River
The Danube River flows from Passau, Germany across the border to Vienna, on its way from the Black Forest to the Black Sea. Following the Danube River on its way to Vienna is the Danube Bike Path, a dedicated, paved biking path. A favorite for cycle tourists, especially families, the path provides many "bail out" options, allowing cyclists to hop on a boat or train at any point for any number of sightseeing opportunities.
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Lake Constance
Lake Constance is home to Europe's most popular cycling route. The lake borders three countries – Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. You'll be surrounded by the breathtaking views of a turquoise lake against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps.
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Main River
The Main River begins in the Franconian forests, flowing through the Upper Main Valley, known as "Nicolas Cage's Garden," till it meets the Rhine River. Cycling on the Main River Bike Path provides great views of meadows, vineyards, castles, and churches.
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Mosel and Saar
The Mosel region is Germany's oldest wine district and the most internationally renowned. The region is a great place to enjoy the good life as you visit charming villages, historic castles and sample the renowned wine direct from the vineyard.
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Rhine River
The Rhine River begins in the Swiss Alps, winding its way through Germany for 820 miles (1319 kilometers) before merging with the North Sea. On the shores of Rhine River (and the Neckar and Lahn rivers that merge with the Rhine) are picturesque cathedrals, castles and vineyards.
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Elbe River Valley
The Elbe River makes its way from to the North Sea, passing by enchanting mountains, scenic plains and fascinating villages along the way as well as past historic cities like Hamburg, Meissen, Bad Schandau and Dresden. Timeless castles are nestled among vast vineyards, dramatic rock formations, and marshland. Highlights in this region include the UNESCO Biosphere reserve – the largest unbroken expanse of riverside woodland in Central Europe, the Semper Opera House in Dresden, the largest canal bridge in the world, and more.
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Romantic Road
The Romantic Road is one of Germany’s oldest designated scenic routes. The medieval trade road goes from Würzburg in central Germany to Füssen in the Bavarian Alps. This region offers the quintessential German scenery and culture you expect.
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Tour spotlight

Munich and the Bavarian Lakes
This region will thrill you as you cycle past majestic mountains, emerald-green lakes, and historic villages rich in Bavarian tradition.
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Mosel and Saar-Bike and Barge (and reverse)
Go back in time and visit the Roman villas and public baths along these two rivers. You'll cycle through one of Germany's wine-growing areas where you'll enjoy tasting the best of the region.
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Lake Constance Classic (11-nights)
Cycling around Lake Constance, this tour will visit three countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), four islands (Reichenau, Mainau, Lindau, and Werd), and the medieval towns of Konstanz, Meersburg, and Lindau.
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Saar and Mosel Bike Path
This bicycle tour follows the Saar and Mosel Rivers. Discover the Saar, with its French flair and industrial history, and the Mosel, with wide loops and famous cities.
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Romantic Road Bike Tour from Wurzburg to Donauworth
This tour starts in Wurzburg, cycling over moderate terrain along the Main River to the Tauber River Valley. It then follows the Romantic Road to Rothenburg and Donauworth.
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The Baltic Sea to Berlin by Bike and Boat (and reverse)
What could be more wonderful than sitting on the sun deck and enjoying the views? Only discovering the northern German seaside by bicycle. 
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Fast facts

Language: German 
Currency: Euro 
Population: 81,471,834 
Size: 137,846 square miles (357,022 square kilometers) - slightly smaller than Montana 
Border countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland
National tourist office: