Highlights of Bonn Private Bike Tour

    • 3.5 hours | 11.18 miles
    • From €249 EUR
    • Bonn
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    3.5 hours | 11.18 miles
    From €249 EUR

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    • Bike to the best of Bonn

      Let wondrous beauty unfurl before you as you explore Bonn, the grand birthplace of Beethoven. This noble German city, situated on the romantic Rhine River, catches the eye with captivating architecture and a distinguished atmosphere. A private guided bike tour of Bonn allows you to pedal to the places that take your preference with a guide that knows the city in magnificent depth. Don’t know where to start? Here are just some of the highlights a bike tour in Bonn can cover.

      Alumni of the illustrious University of Bonn include some very ‘big thinkers’: Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Robert Schumann all studied within the walls of this architecturally impressive institution. Beautifully bordering the northern side of the 18th-century university, the glorious Hofgarten is a tranquil, verdant expanse of trees and greenery adored by locals as a place to relax in their leisure time. Perhaps you’d like to stay awhile and admire the fabulous facade of the university before you ride to the grand Gothic-style Altes Rathaus - Bonn’s distinguished town hall.

      Ride along the famous Rhine River and head towards Heerstrasse, known as ‘Cherry Blossom Avenue’ for the incredible eruption of delicate cherry blossoms that blanket the trees and ground in the spring - a sublime sensory experience. Nearby Breitestrasse also blooms beautifully. Consider timing your tour so you can bike through the blossom!

      Be sure to pedal to Poppelsdorfer Allee and bike up the grand boulevard to the phenomenal Poppelsdorf Palace, designed by the French architect Robert de Cotte. The beautiful palace, now part of the University of Bonn, boasts a gorgeous garden and lake, epitomizing the ideals of German grandeur.

      Biking to the Botanical Garden is a great addition to your private bike tour, boasting a palm house, fern house, orchid house, succulent house, and over 11,000 species of plants spread over 13 hectares. It’s a gorgeous green oasis a little like Bonn’s famous Japanese Garden, where you can end your day tour in a serene, ‘Zen-like’ atmosphere amongst ornamental plants and burbling fountains.

      • Cycling in Bonn, Germany. Renhart Julian@Unsplash
      • Poppelsdorf Palace viewed from the Botanical Garden, Bonn, Germany. Tim Russmann@Unsplash
      • Purple and orange skies over the University of Bonn and Hofgarten, Bonn, Germany. Fynn Geersden@Unsplash

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      Please arrive for the tour 10 minutes before departure time.


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      Flexible according to group preference but may include: University of Bonn, Altes Rathaus, Hofgarten, Rhine, Heerstrasse, Breitestrasse, Poppelsdorfer Allee, Botanical Garden, Japanese Garden

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English, German, Or Dutch-speaking guide
      • Disposable rain ponchos in case of bad weather

      Meeting place & directions

      Colonia Aktiv Garage in Bonn - Agnesstrasse, 53225 Bonn, Germany

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