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Bonn, birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven and capital of West Germany from 1949-1990, is an architecturally impressive city, famous for the University of Bonn and its illustrious alumni, including Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Robert Schumann. Its grand buildings speak of elegance and sophistication, from the Altes Rathaus to Poppelsdorf Palace.

Situated on the romantic Rhine River, Bonn is a city of significant historic influence as well as grand architectural beauty. As the seat of government for a reunited Germany from 1990-1999, Bonn is defined by elegant institutions that shaped the country as we see it today. The city, considered Germany’s second capital, houses 20 United Nations institutions (the most in any German city), with its nickname, ‘The Federal City’ (Bundesstadt) reflecting its significant political influence.

A guided bicycle tour of Bonn is a brilliant way to soak up the scholarly atmosphere that pervades the University of Bonn, from its sunshine-yellow facade to the tree-lined Hofgarten stretching before it, where students pore over books on the verdant lawn. Weave a bicycle through the cherry-blossom bonanza that erupts on Heerstrasse and Breitestrasse and bike up the boulevard to the unmissable Poppelsdorf Palace, which exudes gorgeous French-Gothic style.

Discover the immaculate beauty of Bonn’s Botanical Gardens on a day tour and drink in the serene tranquility found in parking up your bicycle and perusing the 11,000+ species of plants grown in the grand greenhouses and gorgeous gardens. Zip over to the Japanese Garden for a moment of zen, safe in the knowledge that by taking a guided bike tour, you’ve made the best of beautiful Bonn.

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Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
3.5 hours, 11.18 miles

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Let wondrous beauty unfurl before you as you explore Bonn, the grand birthplace of Beethoven. This noble German city, situated on the romantic Rhine River, catches the eye with captivating architecture and a distinguished atmosphere. A private guided…

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