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Cadiz bike tours

Cadiz is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe and its epic architecture and splendid culture stand as testament to this ancient glory. Take a bike tour of a city that, despite its antique history, remains vital with markets, museums, and a magnificent coastline.

Rising along a strip of land and surrounded by the sea, the Port in the Bay of Cadiz was once mainland Spain’s main harbor, capitalizing on superior trade links with the Americas until 1778. Its sensational location means Cadiz boasts beautiful beaches, including those of Santa Maria and La Caleta. Inland, the city center is defined by its two halves - ancient Old Town and the vibrant modern areas, separated by the flawless fortress gate of Puertas Tierra. Founded by the Phoenicians as ‘Gadir’ or ‘Agadir’, thought to translate as ‘wall’, ‘compound’, or ‘stronghold’ in relevance to Cadiz’s ancient walls, this scintillating Spanish city is deemed by some historians to be Europe’s most ancient surviving city.

Cadiz is a city of spellbinding sightseeing opportunities, with beautiful beaches, charming churches, formidable fortresses, magical markets, picturesque parks, and sensational squares. In just a few hours on a guided day tour, you can explore San Juan de Dios Square, Santa Maria Beach, Puertas Tierra fortress gate, Campo del Sur (Little Habana), Saint Cruz Church, El Pópulo, Cadiz Cathedral, and much more! Vamos!

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Cadiz Highlights Bike Tour

Cadiz · from €35 EUR

3 hours
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
3 hours

Days Start Finish
Daily · Mar 29–Dec 31 6:00 pm ~9:00 pm
Daily · Mar 30–Dec 31 10:00 am ~1:00 pm

Tour is available in English and Spanish.

Catch all the sightseeing spots of the city on this all-encompassing Cadiz bike tour! With the added benefit of bike rental, this guided day tour maximizes your time and memories, taking you in 3 hours to San Juan de Dios Square, Santa Maria Beach…

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