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Port Antonio

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Port Antonio bike tours

Described as 'heaven on earth' by some of the famous actors and directors who've frequented Jamaica's original tourist destination, Port Antonio has lost none of its charm today. Situated on Jamaica's northeast coast, Port Antonio’s misty mountains slope gently down to sandy beaches and secret coves.

It was the area's booming banana trade in the 1880s that led to the investment and the promotion of Port Antonio as a luxurious holiday destination for wealthy American travelers. By the 1940s and 50s, Port Antonio had become synonymous with silver screen depictions of paradise and has been featured as the tropical setting of many Hollywood movies, including Club Paradise and No Time To Die. Despite the picture-perfect scenery, Port Antonio is a hardworking town and remains the third largest port on the island, shipping bananas and coconuts all around the world.

Frenchman's Cove is one of Jamaica's most famous beaches and offers visitors an unforgettable beach day with its emerald canopy of trees, secluded bay of golden sand, and cerulean sea. Alternatively, a swim in the Blue Lagoon will restore your vitality with its deep blue, serene waters. Made famous by the Brooke Shields film of the same name, the Blue Lagoon is just as magical in real life. The azure hues of the water change with the light throughout the day making a visit to this enchanting pool one of the most popular tourist activities in Jamaica.

Take a bike tour to the Blue Mountain from Port Antonio to discover Jamaica’s biggest mountain range and only national park. Your guided tour will take you on an exhilarating downhill ride, pedaling past animals, birds, and over 500 species of flowering plant, some of which are totally unique to the mountain. You’ll begin your day tour by cycling under the leafy, lush canopy of a tropical rainforest, before riding past coffee plantations at lower altitudes, and finally emerging at a cascading waterfall for a refreshing swim to finish your scintillating ride.

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Blue Mountain Bike Tour Port Antonio

Port Antonio · from $170 USD

6 hours
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
6 hours

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Daily 9:00 am ~3:00 pm

The Blue Mountain bike tour has featured in Vogue, Departure, and Town & Country Magazine, and has been described by Discovery and The Travel Channel as a ‘must-do’ in Jamaica. The New York Times referred to the views from the Blue…

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