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Paris of the East

Hanoi bike tours

Hanoi is a spectacularly cultural and infinitely inspiring city. Vietnam's capital is known for its constant pursuit of innovation, incredible islands, and public dedication to the cause of peace and human, as well as natural, prosperity.

Rising resplendently from the Red River Delta of Northern Vietnam, Hanoi is a city comprising 12 urban and 17 rural districts. Within the vibrant urban districts, tourists can discover an abundance of well-preserved French colonial architecture, myriad historically captivating museums, and a rich array of religious sites dedicated to Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Among several nicknames for Hanoi is the ‘City for Peace’, awarded by UNESCO in 1999 in recognition of Hanoi’s dedication to promoting equality within its community, the protection of the environment, care for the younger generations, and the promotion of culture and education. The moniker ‘Paris of the East’ is taken from the tree-lined boulevards that define much of the French-style architecture of the city.

A guided bike tour around Hanoi is an unbeatable method for unlocking a holistic understanding of this unique city, discovering a treasure chest of hidden gems that harbor the varied stories of Vietnam. Weave your bicycle through the backstreets of Hanoi on a family-friendly day tour that takes you to the city’s most mesmerizing sights, including Banana Island, Hanoi Train Street, and the Long Bien Bridge. Your guide will be on-hand to lend you a holistic understanding of exceptional Hanoi which, once visited, lives forever in the heart.

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Hanoi Hidden Gems Bike Tour

Hanoi · from $29 USD

3.5 hours, 9.3 miles
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
3.5 hours, 9.3 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily 8:30 am ~12:00 pm
Daily 1:30 pm ~5:00 pm

Take the day tour that opens the treasure chest of Hanoi’s hidden sightseeing gems! This unrivaled biking adventure in Vietnam’s vibrant capital brings you an unforgettable experience brimming with beauty and historical intrigue. In 3.5 hours, your…

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