Aerial view of Valletta, Malta. Unsplash:Joseph Buhagiar

Malta Island

Sun-drenched and elegant

Malta Island bike tours

Malta’s magisterial beauty captures the heart and the imagination, and not just for Game of Thrones fans! This awe-inspiring archipelago between Italy and Libya, right in the center of the Mediterranean, has been inhabited since roughly 5900BC with myriad rulers over the centuries, including the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and Normans. Each era shaped the incredibly rich cultural legacy that the island enjoys today. As the world's tenth smallest country, Malta's beauty is concentrated in a relatively small area, lending the island perfectly to a day exploration by bicycle. Its name, thought to be derived from the Greek 'meli', means 'honey', and this island certainly hits the sweet spot for millions of tourists every year.

On Malta’s magnificent West Coast, perched on ruggedly beautiful cliffs, splendors like the medieval walled-city of Mdina bask in abundant sunlight. Further down the coast, the Dingli cliffs display Malta’s dramatic coastline, sparsely inhabited by small, sun-drenched villages like Mgarr. The bountiful Buskett Gardens boast an aromatic ride through fruit groves with an unrivaled view of Verdala Palace, whilst Rabat promises a treasure trove of remarkable religious buildings. The island’s irresistible azure ocean beckons travelers to the blissful Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha.

Take a guided bicycle tour along Malta’s mesmerizing coastline, promising awe-inspiring architecture, bewitching beaches, and momentous memories. Choose from the Malta West Coast E-Bike Tour or Malta's West Coast Bike Tour, and make everlasting memories on a Mediterranean isle.

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