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Runaway Bay

Pristine and Picturesque

Runaway Bay bike tours

Runaway Bay boasts the very best of the Caribbean's natural beauty: a coral reef thrumming with aquatic life and crescents of white sand, lapped by crystal waters.

Some suggest the area gets its name from a retreating battalion of Spanish soldiers who fled from the English here. Others think the bay is named for being the point of departure for enslaved Africans who fled to Cuba. Either way, today the area is an upmarket, scenic destination with plenty to divert and delight any visitor.

The old Cardiff Hall Estate was first converted in the 1960s to become a series of luxury hotels and first-rate golf courses. Whether you're a seasoned player or it's your first time on the course, there are few locations as glorious as Runaway Bay to take up the sport. Runaway Bay also boasts plenty of significant historic landmarks that prove this port town possesses both beauty and heritage in buckets. Stop at St Anns, where Christopher Columbus made landfall in 1493, or visit Runaway Cave, which is believed to be over half a million years old and offers one of Jamaica's most accessible caving experiences. In the mountains just south of the town lies the home of Jamaica’s most famous resident: the legendary reggae singer, Bob Marley.

Take a bike tour to the Blue Mountain from Runaway Bay to ride in Jamaica’s only national park. Your guided tour will take you past tropical rainforests, vast coffee plantations, and will conclude with a refreshing swim in crystal clear, cascading waterfalls. The mountain is home to hundreds of species of plants, flowers, and birds, as well as the largest species of butterfly in the Western hemisphere, ensuring an unforgettable introduction to Jamaica’s bustling biosphere. Alternatively, take a day tour to Braco Stables, which combines a guided hike to the sweeping vistas of Lookout Point with a bike tour along the orchid-lined and bougainvillea-laden Pimiento Path.

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Blue Mountain Bike Tour Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay · from $192.21 USD

8 hours
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
8 hours

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Daily 9:00 am ~5:00 pm

The Blue Mountain bike tour has featured in Vogue, Departure, and Town & Country Magazine, and has been described by Discovery and The Travel Channel as a ‘must-do’ in Jamaica. The New York Times referred to the views from the Blue Mountain road as…

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