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Singapore bike tours

Singapore Bike Tours

The Republic of Singapore is a city-state and island country in Southeast Asia, just off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Comprising one magnificent main island, one outlying islet, and 63 exotic satellite islands and islets, Singapore is an intriguing, divine, and dazzling travel destination, offering inexhaustible adventuring opportunities within the city itself and its surrounding iridescent islands.

Singapore attained its self-governance in 1959 and became an independent sovereign country in 1965. In spite of its difficult journey to independence and a lack of natural resources, Singapore developed at an incredible speed, becoming one of the Four Asian Tigers, with the second-highest GDP per capita in the world, and with its citizens enjoying one of the world’s longest life expectancies! In 1967, the government of Singapore introduced their vision of the ‘Garden City’, and since then, almost 10% of the country’s land has been designated as parkland and nature reserves.

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    Singapore has been described by two former prime ministers as a ‘society-in-transition’, a country which does not adhere to traditional definitions of a ‘nation’ - Singapore is an exciting cultural melting pot of diverse religions, four official languages, and eclectic customs. The mother tongue can change at every turn as you journey through the city, from English to Malay, Mandarin to Tamil. Shopfronts and religious buildings present a diverse range of cultural wares and religious iconography, from secularism to Chinese folk religion, Taoism to Confucianism.

    A bike tour in the island country of Singapore promises endless exciting discoveries, verdant and exotic vistas, and a thrilling urban immersion.

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Signature Singapore Bike Tour

Singapore · from S$85 SGD

4 hours, 12.43 miles
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
4 hours, 12.43 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily 9:00 am ~1:00 pm

You’ll be singing the praises of Singapore after your Signature Singapore Bike Tour, the guided day tour that explores the top sightseeing spots in the legendary Lion City. You’ll find yourself immersed in the spectacular culture of Singapore on a…

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