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Falmouth bike tours

Falmouth is home to some of Jamaica's best-preserved Georgian architecture and is one of the prettiest port towns on the country’s northern coast. Whether you're hoping to find rich heritage, magnificent landscapes, or colorful Jamaican culture, a bike tour in Falmouth will not disappoint!

Falmouth's architecture reflects its colonial past and any visitor will quickly notice an undeniably British flavor to the Georgian mansions and public buildings that suffuse the Old Town. With sites like St Peter's Church, the Court House, and the historic jail all so densely packed with history and perfectly preserved, it's easy to see why the town's historic center was declared a National Monument by the Jamaican government in 1996.

Falmouth sits on the island's north coast and enjoys quintessentially paradisal Caribbean beaches. Burwood Beach boasts optimal swimming conditions, while Silver Sands is known for long stretches of luxuriously smooth sands. The Luminous Lagoon is an unmissable highlight of any trip to Falmouth. Glide along its scintillating waters on an evening boat tour and marvel at how the luminous micro-organisms that inhabit the lagoon create a spectacular natural light display.

Take a bike tour of the Blue Mountain from Falmouth, with shuttle service included. This family-friendly guided tour will take you on an exhilarating downhill adventure through lush tropical rainforests and past extensive coffee plantations. You'll ride among an inexhaustible variety of flowering plants, tropical trees, and colorful birds. You may even spot the largest butterfly in the Western hemisphere, which is endemic to these mountains. Or, take a hike and bike tour to Lookout Point for sweeping coastal views of the Caribbean. Wander along the Pimiento walk and inhale the delicate orchids and dazzling bougainvillea before taking to the saddle to reach the glistening waters of the coast.

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