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City of the World’s Desire

Istanbul bike tours

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is a treasure trove of Turkish delights, from magnificent mosques to breathtaking bridges, prominent palaces to bedazzling bazaars. Take a bike tour through this magnificent metropolis to discover the city in which Europe and Asia converge, facilitating a brilliant fusion of traditions, cultures, and cuisines.

Straddling both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe, and certainly one of the most spectacular. Founded as Byzantium in the 7th Century BCE, by 330 CE, Byzantium had become Constantinople with the arrival of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. The ancient Theodosian walls were erected to protect one of the most powerful cities in world history, and later, an instrumental trading hub along the Old Silk Road.

As the world’s eighth most visited city, Istanbul has a wealth of wondrous sights to treat its eager tourists, from tantalizing tourism hotspots like the Hagia Sophia, to a rich and diverse religious history in its historic center, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Get involved with Istanbul on a guided bike tour. Cycle the city and discover its top sightseeing destinations with an insightful guide and the added flexibility of bike rental. Explore the icons of the Istanbul, from the mosques of Hagia Sophia, Rüstem Pasha, Şehzadebasi, Suleymaniye, and the New Mosque and Blue Mosque, to Topkapi Palace, the Spice Bazaar, and the Hurrem Sultan Turkish Baths. Within the ancient Theodosian walls of Constantinople, there’s a plethora of phenomenal places to discover.

So go on, get inspired by Istanbul, and take a bicycle tour of one of the best sightseeing destinations in Europe!

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Europe & Asia Istanbul Bike Tour

Istanbul · from €75 EUR

6 hours, 27.65 miles
3/5 (1)
Rider Level: Recreational
Rider Level: Recreational
3/5 (1)
6 hours, 27.65 miles

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Daily 9:00 am ~3:00 pm

Private tours can be booked also, with day and time upon request.

Take a bike tour of Istanbul, the city that spans two continents. Separated by the Bosphorus Strait, Istanbul has both a European and an Asian side, each with their own distinct atmosphere and sightseeing opportunities. During this bicycle tour you'll…

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