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With more than 45 million acres of surface kept in ecological reserves plus one of the richest natural offerings on our planet, Mexico can proudly say it´s made sustainable tourism a priority. Civil and non-government associations, as well as educational and training institutions, have made ecotourism their motive for work.

The rich natural resources, privileged geographic location and biodiversity make Mexico an excellent territory to explore. Visitors can take in the unique landscape and indigenous flora and fauna, while the different topographies of Mexico lend to some amazing outdoor adventures.

Why cyclists love it

  • A great mountain biking destination
  • An easy-to-get-to location in North America
  • Delicious food
  • Beautiful and colorful villages
  • Vibrant culture
  • Diverse scenery

Tour spotlight

Oaxaca by Mountain Bike
Spectacular food, culture and mountain biking in the Sierra Norte of Mexico are the main features of this trip. This Mexican mountain bike adventure tour gives you the chance to explore the stunning Sierra Norte mountains, and soak up the culture and cuisine of the Zapotec people of Oaxaca.

Visitors will ride throughout the Sierra Norte’s 70,000 acres which are criss-crossed by ancient Zapotec foot trails and dirt tracks. These trails have been used by the local people for generations as the main route of communication between their isolated mountain villages in the heart of central Mexico.
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Riviera Maya: the Jungle and the Mayan Mysteries of the Yucatan 
Cycle through the Yucatan Peninsula from the jungle to the thatched roof villages of the contemporary Maya World. Visit the archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza and Muyil. Above all, enjoy the welcoming smiles of the people of the Riviera Maya!
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Yucatan Bike Adventure: A Multi-sport Experience
The Yucatan offers it all: jungles, Caribbean, national parks, coral reefs, and interesting archaeological sites. Thist tour sets you up to explore, bike, hike, kayak, snorkel, swim and more. Travelers will stay in luxurious and upscale accomodation where they can enjoy delicious authentic Mexican dishes while relaxing after a great day of cycling.
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Mexico stories

On our blog:

  • A day in Oaxaca City
    I love Mexico. There, I’ve said it. I love the people, the landscapes, the food (oh, the food!), the history, the pace of life, the cities… I could go on. One place, in particular, for which I have a special fondness is Oaxaca. One of our fabulous mountain biking adventures explores the state of Oaxaca, taking you high up into the beautiful Sierra Norte mountains, but it’s Oaxaca City itself that I’d like to focus on, to share with you a splendid day I had there, just going with the flow and taking in everything this gorgeous city has to offer. - Guest post by Catherine Shearer, of H&I Adventures
  • Operator profile: H&I Adventures takes on mountain biking worldwide
    Recently Tour Specialist Richie Daigle traveled to Scotland to experience the tours BikeToursDirect offers in Scotland with our locally based operator, H&I Adventures. After a phenomenal day of mountain biking in Cairngorms National Park, owners (and married couple) Catherine and Euan invited Richie to their home for some dinner, wine, and conversation about what makes H&I Adventures unique in the world of mountain bike “holidays!”
  • 8 Hot Destinations for Bicycle Travel in 2013
    Chiapas is emerging as Mexico’s adventure destination. The country’s southernmost state (it borders Guatemala), it’s remote and well off the beaten path. Cyclists ride through vast tropical rainforest to explore lagoons, canyons, mountains and waterfalls including the 3,000-foot-high Sumidero Falls.
  • Our First North American Bike Tour Destination – Mexico!
    We’re really excited to announce that our 2012 tour roster will now span FIVE continents! We’re adding our first North American destination – Mexico! Following meetings last week at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Chiapas, Mexico, BikeToursDirect reached an agreement to represent EcoColors Tours, a Cancun-based tour operator.
  • USA Today Features our Mexico Bike Tour Expansion
    The Mexican Caribbean weekend edition of USA Today included an article on BikeToursDirect’s recent announcement that we’re expanding to Mexico!

Fast facts

Language: Spanish
Currency: Peso
Population: 115,276,767
Size: 1,972,550 square miles (761,601 sq km) – three times the size of Texas
Border countries: Guatemala, United States
National tourist office:

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