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Liverpool – the birthplace of The Beatles and home to the dynamic Royal Albert Docks, where 'All the World’s Futures' began. Sensational cathedrals stud the skyline in a city renowned for its vibrant cultural lifeblood, arresting Neoclassical architecture, and famous Mersey River.

Liverpool is a port city whose wealth grew out of its enviable trading links - coal and cotton, bananas and beat records all arrived in Merseyside over the centuries. These trade links fuelled the Industrial Revolution and, later, the evolution of British rock 'n' roll as the sounds of America were delivered into the hands of the 'four lads who shook the world' - The Beatles.

Along the Royal Albert Dock and beside the Three Graces, visitors can admire relics of the city's maritime history, from a propellor preserved from the doomed Lusitania, to the still-standing Cunard Building where the White Star Line registered the Titanic. Nestled between the docks' distinctive coral pillars, classy restaurants and buzzing bars emanate warm, glowing reflections over the water, guaranteeing visitors good times.

Whether you're a beloved Beatles fan after a bespoke bike tour of Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane, a visitor with an architectural eye for St. George's Hall, a maritime buff, or simply want to discover a city famed for its incredible history and amicable atmosphere, there's a bicycle tour for you.

Lively Liverpool, with its legendary legacies, will not let you down!

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Liverpool City & The Beatles E-Bike Tour

Liverpool · from £36 GBP

3 hours
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
3 hours

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“You and I have memories, longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” … This unique e-bike adventure is a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ of the sites and landmarks that inspired four Liverpudlian lads’ musical…

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