Beautiful architecture of Phnom Reap Monastery, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Paul Szewczyk@Unsplash

Phnom Penh

Pearl of Asia

Phnom Penh bike tours

Standing on the banks of the Tonlé Sap, Mekong, and Bassac rivers, Phnomn Penh - Cambodia’s resplendent capital - is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring authentic architecture and incredible cultural tourist attractions.

A visit to Cambodia is incomplete without venturing into the heart of Phnom Penh for a delve into this historic city’s diverse and fascinating heritage. Phnom Penh became the capital of Cambodia in 1434 after the collapse of Angkor rule, remaining so until 1497. It reclaimed its title as capital again in 1865, during the French colonial era, relics of which can still be found in the breathtaking boulevards of the city today.

Sightseeing opportunities in Phnom Penh are numerous and mesmerizing - visitors to the ‘Pearl of Asia’ rarely forget their time in this resplendent city. A bicycle tour will allow you to condense a full itinerary of phenomenal cultural sightseeing into a few hours, leaving you with enough time to fill your evenings sampling Khmer cuisine, and perhaps even watching a Cambodian fishing dance.

A guided bike tour of Phnom Penh will seek to show you the remarkable Royal Palace, spectacular Silver Pagoda, and magnificent National Museum, built in the classic Khmer style and housing fascinating Khmer antiques. Visitors interested in Cambodia during the French colonial era will be intrigued by the numerous colonial villas, French-style churches, and boulevards, as well as the Art Deco market of Phsar Thom Thmei.

Venturing into the verdant wilds of the Mekong Islands beyond Phnom Penh for an unforgettable and awe-inspiring adventure. A guided bike tour of the islands is an immersive, deeply memorable experience which will leave you with everlasting memories of this captivating nation and its entrancing natural landscapes. Weave a path through verdant farmland, beneath the waxen leaves of banana plantations, and through tranquil orchards as you make your way to local villages. Here, observe the authentic crafting and farming methods of the traditional Cambodian people - an unforgettable experience to top off your trip to Phnom Penh.

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Islands of the Mekong Bike Tour Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh · from $59 USD

5 hours, 15.53 miles
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
5 hours, 15.53 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily 8:00 am ~1:00 pm

Please arrive for the tour 15 minutes before departure time.

Experience the varied and verdant beauty of the Mekong Islands from the saddle as you pedal out of Phnom Penh and into the wondrous wilderness beyond. This guided day tour is a journey of discovery through the incandescent islands of the Mekong, bringing…

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