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Chambord - a charming commune in the Loire Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its spectacular Châteaux de Chambord. The resplendent French Renaissance architecture of this building makes it one of the most distinctive and recognizable châteauxs in the world and a true landmark of the Loire Valley. Built in the shape of a parallelogram, the châteaux features a flamboyant facade, a profusion of commanding turrets, a double staircase, and sublime grounds. Take a bike and ride around this fascinating landmark, as well as the wider commune and the sensational natural surroundings.

The charming town of Chambord and the spectacular Châteaux de Chambord can be discovered on a bicycle tour through the Loire Valley. A guided day tour, such as the Loire Valley & Chambord E-Bike Tour with Food Tasting, can take you cycling through the mystical Forest of Chambord, verdant Loire Valley, and to the châteauxs of Chambord and Villesavin.

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Loire Valley and Chambord E-Bike Tour with Food Tasting

Chambord · from €159 EUR

10 hours, 15.53 miles
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
10 hours, 15.53 miles

Days Start Finish
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 8:30 am ~6:30 pm

If you’re looking for a guided tour of the Loire Valley that takes in the famous Chambord forest and châteauxs, this is the bicycle tour for you! The Loire Valley & Chambord E-Bike Tour with Food Tasting takes you on a leisurely journey through the…

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