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Cambodia, home to the magnificent and sprawling ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, is one of Southeast Asia’s most incredible countries, with beautiful landscape, welcoming locals and the strength to overcome its past. Cambodia has had to work to completely rebuild itself in every aspect since undergoing the Khmer Rouge genocide in the 70s.

For a country who has gone through so much, Cambodia has made significant progress in proving its persistence to the world. With much of their culture and tradition eradicated in the genocide, Cambodia has paved a new path for its future, starting with newfound ways of implementing a unique zest to the country.

Ancient temples, floating villages, wild landscapes, vibrant dance, flavorful cuisine, and booming nightlife are just some of the countless reasons visitors come to Cambodia.

Why cyclists love it

  • Two words: Angkor Wat
  • You can explore Cambodia as the locals do - on bicycle
  • Flavorful cuisine (a beautiful blend of French and Asian flavors)
  • Some of the most welcoming locals in Asia

Cambodia stories

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Tour spotlight

Bangkok to Siem Reap: Coast and Mountains on Quiet Backroads
From a bicycle, you can truly experience the village life in Thailand and Cambodia. Escape the well-worn tourist trail, and be a part of the Southeast Asian culture. You’ll not only see the hustle and bustle of city life, but you’ll get away from the tourist traps and relax along beautiful beaches and mountain ranges. This tour will take you to hidden gems, unseen by the typical tourist.  
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Angkor Wat Explorer Cycle Tour
Angkor Wat is known for its massive temples, strung with massive tree roots. You know the movie Tomb Raider? Yea, that’s Ta Prohm, a temple found at Angkor Wat. The mystery and beauty of this place is astounding. Even more so when seen by bicycle. Come along this tour and have the opportunity to explore the temples at a relaxed pace. Also, enjoya delightful cruise on the Tonle Sap Lake, witnessing its fascinating floating villages.
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Fast Facts

Language: Khmer
Currency: Riel
Population: 15,458,332
Size: 69,898 square miles; 181,035 square km
Border countries: Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam
National tourist office:

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