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Warsaw bike tours

Warsaw - Poland's prominent capital and its largest city - was once just a small fishing town. Now it's one of the largest cities in Europe, defined by beautiful boulevards and sophisticated, spell-binding architecture.

Warsaw’s elegant buildings and characteristic cobbled streets were brutally besieged by German bombing in WWII, a conflict that saw Warsaw harboring Jewish ghettos and pressure mounting before the 1944 Uprising. Poland’s capital has restored its magnificence and innovated to an immaculate degree - the city that stands on the Vistula River is now an Alpha global city boasting resplendent palaces, moving memorials, and stunning squares.

Visitors to wondrous Warsaw will have a full itinerary of stunning sightseeing destinations to tick off their lists, including the Palace of Science and Culture, the Vistula River, Rynek Starego Miasta, St. John’s Archcathedral, Stadion Narodowy, Grzybowski Square, the University Library, Krasiński Square, St. Kazimierz Church, and the palaces of Sapieha, Sierakowski, and Raczyński.

Take a guided bicycle tour of this sensational, historical capital and encounter surprises at every turn of the handlebars, with the added option of bike rental. A compact day tour is your one-stop-shop for an all-encompassing sightseeing experience, covering all the above-mentioned locations, and more. Chodźmy!

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Warsaw Highlights Bike Tour

Warsaw · from zł149 PLN

3 hours, 9 miles
5/5 (3)
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
5/5 (3)
3 hours, 9 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily · Mar 29–Oct 31 11:00 am ~2:00 pm
Saturday · Apr 6–Oct 26 10:30 am ~1:30 pm

Take the Warsaw bike tour with the WOW factor and discover the city’s most sensational sightseeing spots! Pedaling first to the Palace of Science and Culture, park your bike up in the shadow of Poland’s second tallest building, where a 237m…

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