At a glance

Straddling Asia and Europe, Turkey is a fascinating and welcoming blend of East and West. Istanbul melds ancient history and culture with modern amenities and attractions. Many go to Turkey to see the ancient ruins —testaments to Turkey's diverse and storied history, as well as its influence from Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires.

Religious iconography and art are plentiful in the country’s many stunning mosques, synagogues, and churches. Turkish architecture sets an exotic eastern tone with its many domes and vibrant mosaics, and the country’s markets are full of colorful treasures.

This vibrant country is magical, enticing to travelers seeking awe and wonder. Turkey's substantial coastlines along the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Seas give its beaches a Riviera-like ambiance. The crystal blue waters of Turkish beaches are reminiscent of neighboring Greece, but the port towns and seaside villages have a distinctly Turkish appeal.

Why cyclists love it

  • A chance to cycle the crossroads where East meets West
  • A deep and unique history, with remote ruins of ancient civilizations
  • Diverse landscapes: inland deltas, rivers, pine forests and coastal roads with beautiful vistas of the sparkling sea
  • Historic villages and modern cities
  • Perfect destination for bike and boat tours, where visitors can explore deserted bays and remote beaches

Fast facts

Language: Turkish
Currency: Turkish lira
Population: 67,803,927
Size: 302,535 square miles (783,562 square kilometers) - Slightly larger than Texas
Border countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbijan, Iran, Iraq, and Syria
National tourist office: www.goturkey.com