Breathtaking view of the canyon during sunrise, Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA. Tim Golder@Unsplash

Bryce Canyon, UT

Awe-Inspiring Natural Architecture

Bryce Canyon, UT bike tours

Bryce Canyon National Park, named after the Mormon pioneer Ebenezer Bryce, is a site of spellbinding geological splendor in southwestern Utah. Take a hike and bike tour of Bryce Canyon for a breathtaking encounter with the park's boundless beauty!

Rather than a canyon, Bryce is actually a series of awe-inspiring natural amphitheaters that give birth to towering hoodoos, phenomenal fins, praiseworthy plateaus, and fragrant Ponderosa Pine forests.

Bryce Canyon National Park is known for its distinctive hoodoos, formed by stream erosion and frost weathering which has culminated in captivating clusters of bizarre rock formations, many of which bear striking resemblance to people and objects. The colored bands of the canyon, blending into a rust-colored rainbow, vary in hue from burnt orange to dusky rose, creating an entrancing visual spectacle as beautiful as it is geologically educational.

The phenomenal park, which is smaller and at a higher elevation than nearby Zion National Park, is home to a fascinating ecosystem of beautiful flora and fauna, most notably, the fragrant Ponderosa Pine forests. As you pass by the pines, you’ll find your senses awakened by the blissful butterscotch aromas that emanate from their bark. These trees are the perfect example of the incredible flora you can find in Bryce. Other terrific trees in the park include Alpine Furs, Elderberries, and Junipers, alive with interesting birdsong.

A combined bike and hike or e-bike tour in Bryce Canyon is the best way to maximize your experience of all this park has to offer - cycle to its most astounding hoodoos and phenomenal viewpoints, all with the benefit of bike rental, family-friendly options, and the expert knowledge of your local guide. Your guide will point out the most beautiful examples of the park’s distinctive flora and fauna, immersing you in the impressive atmosphere that belongs exclusively to Bryce.

Whether you ride the rim on a turbo-charged electric bike or take a combined tour along the hidden trails of the amphitheaters, you’ll be treated to the tour of a lifetime in the unbounding beauty of Bryce Canyon.

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Bryce Canyon E-Bike Tour

Bryce Canyon, UT · from $101.98 USD

3.5 hours
5/5 (1)
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours
5/5 (1)
3.5 hours

Days Start Finish
Daily 9:30 am ~1:00 pm
Daily 2:30 pm ~6:00 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes before the departure.

Experience an exhilarating e-bike ride in truly enchanting surroundings on the Bryce Canyon E-Bike Tour. In 3.5 hours, you’ll follow your guide on an unbeatable journey of discovery through the fragrant forests and climactic canyons of Bryce, one…

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