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Gozo bike tours

Gozo, one of 21 incredible islands that make up the Maltese Archipelago, is a glorious destination for discovering paradisal ocean beauty, a traditional culture, and phenomenal rock formations. Cycle alongside crystal-clear waters, pedal towards picturesque views, and discover a dizzying diversity of cultural influences.

Part of the Republic of Malta, Gozo is much more rural and traditional than Malta itself, and considered to be one of the very best diving locations in the entire Mediterranean. The island is thought to have been inhabited since 5000 BC and shows evidence of rule by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Sicilians, French and British civilizations. This hilly island, reachable by ferry from Malta, is known for the Nadur Carnival, a traditional feasting festival honoring the patron saint of each village on the island. If visiting in the summer months, the eagle-eyed adventurer can catch sight of the distinctive Maltese Wall Lizard on the walls and rocky outcrops of the island!

Gozo isn’t just famous for Game of Thrones, although there’s no questioning why the dramatic rock formations of Dwejra were chosen to film the Dothraki wedding scene. For a small island, Gozo boasts grand adventuring and sightseeing opportunities, including Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, Dwejra, the Salt Pans, Dahlet Qorrot Bay, Mixta Cave, and the Sanap Cliffs.

Take a day tour in Gozo and you’re guaranteed to make everlasting memories in this Maltese paradise of azure waters, breathtaking bays, and captivating cliffs!

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Highlights of Gozo E-Bike Tour

Gozo · from €65 EUR

4 hours, 15.5 miles
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours
4 hours, 15.5 miles

Days Start Finish
Daily · Nov 1–Apr 30 12:30 pm ~4:30 pm
Daily · May 1–Oct 31 2:30 pm ~6:30 pm

Go for it in Gozo on this guided e-bike tour! With the added benefit of bike rental, you’ll take in the highlights of this incandescent island in half a day, with optional sightseeing spots including Mgarr ix-Xini Bay, Dwejra, the Salt Pans, and the…

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