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Heidelberg bike tours

Historic Heidelberg nestles where the Neckar River emerges from the Odenwald Mountains over the plains to Mannheim. Hop on the saddle in Heidelberg for a bike tour that takes in the city's rich cultural offerings and historic architecture in one of Germany's most clement climates.

Heidelberg is a city defined by its river, by its incredible castle, and by its university - founded in 1386, Heidelberg University is the oldest in Germany and one of the most highly regarded in Europe. Designated a ‘City of Literature’ by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Heidelberg is a celebrated cultural hub for the arts, which isn’t to ignore its distinguished position in the field of science - the city is home to the Max Planck Institutes and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

To cycle up to the Mountain Cemetery is to happen upon the resting places of such distinguished figures as Max Weber, Max Wolf, Robert Bunsen, and Carl Bosch. As one of Germany’s warmest regions, lying in the south-western state of Baden-Württemberg, Heidelberg boasts almond, fig, olive, and palm trees, as well as a wild population of African rose-ringed parakeets and Siberian swan geese.

A guided bicycle tour is by far the best way to explore all of historic Heidelberg, from its charming churches to its beautiful bridges, romantic river, and sensational cemetery. In less than a day, a bike tour can take in the Heinsteinwerk, Wehrsteg, Neckarwiese, the Old Bridge, the Church of the Holy Spirit, Kornmarkt, the Jesuit Church, Weststadt, the Mountain Cemetery, and Bahnstadt. With a friendly guide on-hand to deliver deep insights into this distinguished destination, you’ll leave having got the most out of Heidelberg, a learned city with a well-established legacy.

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