Rathausmarkt, main square in Hamburg. Flickr:Michaela Loheit


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Hamburg bike tours

Go through the gears on a bicycle tour of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, boasting its world-famous harbor, sparkling waterways, secret villages, stunning parks, and tireless ambition for innovation. Once a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, before the 1871 unification of Germany, Hamburg was a fully sovereign city state. Beleaguered by a series of catastrophes, including the Great Fire of Hamburg, the 1962 North Sea Flood, and bombing raids of WWII, Hamburg has always bounced back as a city resplendent through its resilience. As Europe's third largest port, Hamburg is defined by its incredible harbor, both functional and the cultural hotspot of the city, containing the Elbphilharmonie, bustling bars, and atmospheric eateries. Spectacular sightseeing spots feature throughout the city, including in Rathausmarkt, St. Pauli, HafenCity, St. Michel's Church, the Alter Elbtunnel, Elbe River, and Wilhelmsburg. To journey into the surrounding countryside is to the discover the quaint, picturesque villages of Altes Land, Blankenese, and Alster.

A bike tour offers you an unrivaled opportunity to discover an unforgettable city, one that embraces its history and builds into its future. The all-encompassing Hamburg Compact Bike Tour is an excellent trip for taking in all of Hamburg's main attractions in a day. For those wanting to explore the wonders of the waterways, there's the Hamburg Harbor Bike Tour and Hamburg Elbe Bank Bike Tour. For exciting day trips beyond the city center, there's the Blankenese Hamburg Bike Tour, Hamburg Altes Land Bike Tour, and Alster Hamburg Bike Tour. Finally, for the architecturally curious, there's the Hamburg HafenCity Bike Tour, Hamburg Gentrification Bike Tour, and Wilhelmsburg Hamburg Bike Tour, gliding you through feats of inspired engineering that stand testament to Hamburg's reputation as a city of innovation.

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Hamburg Compact Bike Tour

Hamburg · from €34 EUR

3.5 hours, 8 miles
Rider Level: Leisure
Rider Level: Leisure
3.5 hours, 8 miles

Days Start Finish
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2:30 pm ~6:00 pm

Hamburg Compact is your perfect bike tour for experiencing all the history, culture, and beauty of Germany’s second-largest city. As you cycle, you’ll receive all the best tips for places to eat and unwind. Enjoy the benefits of bike rental and a…

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