Yellow house, boats docked along the river bank in Hoi An, Vietnam. Charge the Globe@Unsplash

Hoi An

Traditional and Enchanting

Hoi An bike tours

The ebullient and intriguing city of Hoi An has been a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, honoring the preservation of its heritage as a Southeast Asian trading port dating back to the 15th–19th centuries, its breathtaking blend of indigenous and foreign influences, and icons such as the Japanese Bridge. Its name, translating as ‘peaceful meeting place’, is an appropriate moniker for a city that values and respects the rhythms and divine sublimity of its natural surroundings, much of which are cultivated for rice fields, fish farms, and net fishing.

Renowned as a city of distinctive regional cuisine, Hoi An is known for offering tantalizing cookery classes to tourists, whilst the Thu Bon River has transformed from a key trading waterway to offering visitors exhilarating experiences on kayaks and motorboats. The Hoi An Lantern Full Moon Festival, which takes place on every full moon cycle, is an incredible traditional spectacle, where the city is aglow with colorful tissue lanterns, flickering candles, exquisite flowers and vibrant produce, all exchanged between locals for prosperity and to honor their ancestors. In 2019, Hoi An was listed as one of the key tourist attractions of Vietnam.

A bike tour in Hoi An offers a breathtaking adventure with authentic cultural immersion at the center of your experience. Benefit from the flexibility of bike rental and the invaluable insight of your guide, with you every pedal of the way and serving as an integral intermediary between you and the welcoming locals as they pass on their techniques, advice, and infectious enthusiasm for their traditional practices.

Immerse yourself entirely in Vietnamese culture as you participate in a reed weaving workshop, learning to produce an iconic, handcrafted product you’ll be proud of! Get hands-on with the integral ingredients that go into making some of Central Vietnam’s most sumptuous specialities, from Banh Dap to My Quang, cooking up a storm in an inspirational culinary workshop. Leave your bicycle on the banks of the Thu Bon for a boat trip to Cam Nam for an unforgettable fishing workshop, led by locals who are eager to teach you the techniques passed down to them by their beloved ancestors. The city of Hoi An knows how to take a visitor to its heart and make them feel like family, and on a guided day tour, you’ll make memories, friends, and souvenirs to last a lifetime!

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