Brivibas Piemineklis, the Freedom Monument, Riga, Latvia. Ivars Urinans@Unsplash


Paris of the East

Riga bike tours

Resplendent Riga is a city with history and culture at its heart. Its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture, accounting for around a third of the architecture in the city, earned Latvia’s capital UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

There is a reason Riga was named European Capital of Culture in 2014 - biking through Riga’s streets is like gliding through a gallery of architectural mastery. Ride to Riga Cathedral, the Art Museum and Academy, and the Latvian National Library. Catch a flavor of the quintessentially Latvian Kipsala, Kalnciema and 'Little Switzerland' districts with their authentic wooden buildings, and pedal along pine-scented cycle paths to Gauja National Park or the Jurmala Resort.

Lying on the Gulf of Riga where the Daugava River meets the Baltic Sea, Riga embraces its antique history as a major trade route, serving as a trade center for the Vikings. From those early roots blossomed the remarkable Riga of today, perfect for exploring by bicycle, as a family, with friends, or as a solo traveler, with the benefit of bike rental. Latvia’s capital offers a cycle tour for every enthusiast, whether you’re after an artsy adventure, looking to get a handle on Latvian history, or you want a pleasurable day tour of picturesque parks and sand dunes. This city has the highest proportion of Art Nouveau architecture anywhere on earth. Put simply, there is beauty everywhere you bike!

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