Warsaw Highlights Bike Tour

    5/5 (2)
    • 3 hours | 9 miles
    • From zł149 PLN
    • Warsaw
    Rider Level: Leisure
    5/5 (2)

    Rider Level: Leisure

    3 hours | 9 miles
    From zł149 PLN

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    • Discover the highlights and hidden gems of Warsaw

      Take the Warsaw bike tour with the WOW factor and discover the city’s most sensational sightseeing spots!

      Pedaling first to the Palace of Science and Culture, park your bike up in the shadow of Poland’s second tallest building, where a 237m spire pierces the sky. The building hosts a wealth of Warsaw’s popular attractions and conveniences, but it has a troubled past – your guide will explain why the palace is seen by many as a symbol of Soviet oppression, and why conversations are still ongoing to this day over demolition plans.

      Your guided bicycle tour takes you on to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a somber moment in your adventure. The monument’s white arches gleam peacefully in the sunlight, with an eternal flame burning within the tomb.

      Poland’s longest river, the Vistula, winds its way serenely through Warsaw, and your day tour lets you soak up its calm beauty as you glide along the banks to Old Town. Renowned for its magnificent medieval buildings and quirky cobblestone streets surrounding Rynek Starego Miasta, a beautiful square, Old Town is the sightseeing hub of Warsaw. Authentic Polish eateries abound, and St. John’s Archcathedral casts a majestic shadow.

      Nearby New Town dates back to the 15th century and, like Old Town, was brutally hit by German bombing during WWII. Later restored, New Town boasts such spectacular buildings as St. Kazimierz Church, Holy Spirit Church, the Old Bridge Gate, and the palaces of Sapieha, Sierakowski and Raczyński. Cycle on to the National Stadium, Stadion Narodowy, the largest and most modern stadium in Poland, before gliding to Grzybowski Square. This green triangle in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district remembers its heritage as a site of a Jewish ghetto in WWII whilst providing a restorative natural space of water features and blossoming flowerbeds.

      The unmistakable University Library, with its green and fuchsia exterior, is sure to take you aback as you ride into view – hold onto your handlebars and don’t be dazzled! The library is a site of urban sustainability – climbing plants grip the glass façade and tumble richly from the roof garden. Your bicycle tour continues onwards to the Uprising Memorial, an eye-catching sculpture of soldiers and citizens emerging from the crushing rubble. Inspiring tourists every day in Krasiński Square, the monument is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Your guide will be on-hand to tell you the extraordinary history of Warsaw and its citizens during WWII, and of the rebuilding of their lives and city.

      Cycle on to Saski, the Saxon Palace, and take in the extraordinary sight of the regal exterior and the magnificence of the Krasinskich Gardens, now home to rare species of trees and eruptions of bright, fragrant flowerbeds. A site of Polish splendor for parking up your bike and reflecting on all the WOW moments of your tour!

      • Palace of Science and Culture, Warsaw, Poland. Unsplash:Iwona Castiello Dantonio
      • New Town, Warsaw, Poland. Flickr:Simon Jowett
      • Old Town, Warsaw, Poland. Unsplash:Charles Assuncao
      • Palace of Science and Culture, Warsaw, Poland. Unsplash:Bianca Fazacas

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      Daily · Mar 29–Oct 31 11:00 am ~2:00 pm
      Saturday · Apr 6–Oct 26 10:30 am ~1:30 pm


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      Palace of Science and Culture, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Vistula River, Old Town, Rynek Starego Miasta, St. John’s Archcathedral, New Town, St. Kazimierz Church, Holy Spirit Church, Old Bridge Gate, Sapieha Palace, Sierakowski Palace, Raczyński Palace, Stadion Narodowy, Grzybowski Square, University Library, Uprising Memorial, Saski, Krasinskich Gardens

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Station Warsaw Tours

      Koźla 16/18, New Town. It’s 1km from Royal Castle Square.

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      • Jackie Wallace 7 months ago

        A lovely way to spend 3 hours

        · Warsaw Highlights Bike Tour

        A really nice way to see the highlights of Warsaw. Our guide G. Was very knowledgeable and gave just the right amount of detail. However, I thought the cafe we stopped at lacked options. Hot food wasn’t yet available and there was no English menu.
        Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this tour

        •  (photo by Jackie Wallace)
        •  (photo by Jackie Wallace)
      • DAVID BEERS 12 months ago

        A natural tour guide educator

        · Warsaw Highlights Bike Tour

        Well done!
        Keep up the good work
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