Street Art Bike Tour Cologne

    • 3 hours | 9.32 miles
    • From €39.9 EUR
    • Cologne
    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours

    3 hours | 9.32 miles
    From €39.9 EUR

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    • The art lover’s tour of Cologne

      Cologne is known for its ‘street studios’ – an ever-changing gallery of murals, graffiti, posters and stencils that pop up by the day, and sometimes disappear by the night! Bag a unique guided bike tour taking you through the beautified urban landscape, alive with color. Your eyes will be drawn from one piece to another as Cologne flexes its creative muscles for you.

      This is a relaxed, cultural day tour designed with discovery at its heart – an edgy excursion through the unforgettable Ehrenfeld, including the trendy “Wall of Fame”, the “Green Belt” and staggering Colonius Tower, the streetart hotspot of Brussels Square, and city center. Enjoy the benefits of bike rental, and take the tour that gives you an art attack!

      • Street art tunnel, Cologne. Unsplash:Bekky Bekks
      • Street art mural piece, Cologne, Germany. Unsplash:Bekky Bekks
      • Coloured shops, Cologne, Germany. Unsplash:Kevin Martin Jose
      • Cologne cathedral. Flickr:Edward Stojakovic

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      Days Start Finish
      Friday & Saturday · Mar 29–Dec 21 2:30 pm ~5:30 pm
      Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday · Apr 7–Dec 22 11:00 am ~2:00 pm

      Tour in English takes place on Friday, and Saturday at 14:30 pm, and Sunday at 11:00 am.


      Rate EUR
      Adult · from 18 years • without own bike €39.90
      Reduced · people with own bike • students €27.90
      Teen · 13 until 17 years - without own bike €22.90
      Child · 5 until 12 years • without own bike - can only be booked together with adults €12.90
      Toddler · unti 4 years • can only be booked in together with adults €5
      Upgrade to E-Bike · price per e-bike/person €14.90



      Ehrenfeld, ‘Wall of Fame’, ‘Green Belt’, Colonius Tower, Brussels Square

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • Disposable rain ponchos in bad weather
      • 100% active cultural enjoyment: sightseeing and cycling

      Meeting place & directions

      Colonia Aktiv – Guided Bike Tours & Bike Rentals
      Gereonswall 2-4, 50668 Cologne

      All public and private guided bike tours start and end at Colonia Aktiv shop in the Eigelstein quarter, directly next to the medieval Eigelstein city gate.

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