Danube Discovery: Pedaling from Germany to Austria

5/5 (1)
7 nights
26 miles/day
Self guided from EUR € 699
Countries: Austria and Germany
Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Primarily bike paths Bike and boat tours

Danube Discovery: Pedaling from Germany to Austria

5/5 (1)

Rider Level: Leisure Electric bike tours Primarily bike paths Bike and boat tours

7 nights
26 miles/day

Self guided from EUR € 699
Bike and Boat Tour aboard Prinzessin Katharina
Countries: Austria and Germany

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  • Experience the joy of a bike tour along the Danube between Passau and Vienna

    Embark on an extraordinary bike and boat tour along the scenic Danube River! Enjoy leisurely rides through lush green riverbanks and charming villages, witness the awe-inspiring "Great Loop," and immerse yourself in the enchanting Wachau region with its vineyard terraces and captivating castles.

    Arriving in Vienna, a city beyond words, you'll have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks like St. Stephen's Cathedral and City Hall during delightful sightseeing tours by bike. Delight in a cultural and culinary adventure at the renowned Naschmarkt, unwind at cozy coffee houses, and savor the ambiance of traditional Viennese wine taverns in the suburbs.

    This tour's highlights include Passau, the City of 3 rivers, the captivating Schloegen Danube Loop, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Wachau, Linz - the capital of Upper Austria - and Vienna, a cosmopolitan city teeming with treasures.

    • Schnitzel is a favorite here! Mark Konig@Unsplash
    • Linz, Upper Austria, Austria. CC:Jorge Franganillo
    • The famous Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, Austria. CC:Bwag
    • Tree line by the Danube river. Dušan Tizić@Unsplash
    • Wachau Valley near Dürnstein, Lower Austria. CC:Lonezor
    • View of the Danube from castle ruins. Joachim Pressl@Unsplash
    • Danube Impressions Bike and Boat Passau – Vienna – Passau Bike Tour
    • Passau, Germany. Ramitay Yem@Unsplash

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    • Passau, 'City of Three Rivers'
    • Schlögener Donauschlinge - the 'Great Loop'
    • Cultural capital of Linz
    • World Cultural Heritage Site of Wachau
    • Vienna, 'City of Dreams'

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    Danube Discovery


  • Traveler photos

    • Prinzessin Katharina arriving in Grein (photo by Kathy)
    • View from Schloss Greinburg (photo by Kathy)
    • One of the manysmall towns where you can take a break (photo by Kathy)
    • Sun deck (photo by Kathy)
  • Daily program

    Day 1: Passau - Engelhartszell
    Boarding takes place around 4 - 5 pm in the "City of Three Rivers", Passau. The boat departs at 7 pm cruising to Engelhartszell while you enjoy your first dinner on board.

    Day 2: Engelhartszell - Aschach - "Great Loop" - Linz (25-28 miles/40-46 km)
    Explore the Trappist monastery in Engelhartszell and indulge in their unique cordials and liqueurs, rumored to possess special healing properties. Continuing downstream, you'll encounter charming villages nestled amidst stunning natural scenery. For a delightful change of pace, you can opt for the charming little ferry boat to traverse the romantic Schlögener loop, where the river takes a sharp 180-degree turn (approximately €6 per person). From Aschach, the boat will take you to Linz. Don't miss the chance to discover Linz, the capital of Upper Austria, while riding the bright yellow City-Express.

    Day 3: Linz - Mauthausen - Grein (22 - 25 miles/36 - 40 km)
    This morning you'll embark on an early morning cruise to Mauthausen, where you'll have the opportunity to visit the memorial KZ-Mauthausen. As you journey on, explore the historical Celtic town of Mitterkirchen, providing a glimpse into the past. The route leads through the fertile Machland region, and the day's destination is the charming town of Grein, known as "the pearl of the Strudengau" for its picturesque setting. Don't miss the chance to visit the impressive Castle of Greinburg while in Grein (closed on Mondays - can only be visited as part of an optional excursion).

    Day 4: Grein - Melk - Tulln (32 miles/51 km)
    A variety of rich landscapes await. Starting with the Strudengau, a narrow section of the Danube which challeneged skippers in the past. The valley widens as you continue from Persenbeug, and the bike tour takes you to the splendid baroque monastery of the Benedictine brethren in Melk. Back onboard the ship, you can relish the sunset and the enchanting evening lights of the Wachau region. During the night, the ship cruises to Tulln, renowned for its abundant market gardens and as the birthplace of the famous Art Nouveau artist Egon Schiele.

    Day 5: Tulln - Vienna-Nussdorf (20-24 miles/32-38 km)
    Nestled in a stunning landscape, just at the entrance of Vienna, you'll find the magnificent Klosterneuburg monastery. Its 900-year-old baroque building, crowned by a striking cupola, can be spotted from afar. Don't miss a visit to "Kahlenbergerdorf," renowned for its charming wine taverns. Take a leisurely walk through the vineyards and treat yourself to a breathtaking panoramic view of Vienna.

    Day 6: Vienna-Nussdorf (rest day)
    Enjoy a rest day in Vienna. Be sure to visit St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Hofburg, along with the beautiful "Ringstraße" boulevard, showcasing attractions like the Burgtheater, State Opera House, and historic town hall. In the afternoon, take your time to wander around or indulge in one of the famous Viennese coffee bars. Later, the ship will cruise to Dürnstein or Rossatz during the night.

    Day 7: Wachau - Pöchlarn (25 - 31 miles/40 - 50 km)
    Your last cycling day is a special highlight! Amidst small dreamy villages, apricot trees, vineyards, castles, monasteries, and ruins, this gentle hilly landscape enchants the young and old. A powerful ruin looms above the small Baroque town of Dürnstein, while the blue tower of the monastery church is a landmark of Wachau. In the evening, farewell dinner and cocktail to close out this spectacular bike tour on the Danube.

    Day 8: Departure from Passau
    All good things must come to an end! The arrival in Passau is expected around 11 am, with disembarkation taking place half an hour later. We suggest arranging connecting trips/travel from 1:30 onwards.

    We reserve the right to make changes to the routing and program. In case of flood or low tide, the shipping company reserves the right to bridge parts of passages by buses.

    Danube Discovery

     Photos Accommodation 

  • Accommodation


      Prinzessin Katharina

      The Prinzessin Katharina is an elegant river cruiser along the Danube. On board you can expect a friendly crew, excellent cuisine, and tasteful decor. Read more

      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
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      • Prinzessin Katharina
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      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina
      • Prinzessin Katharina


        • All cabins are outside cabins
        • Comfortable salon
        • Bar area
        • Library corner
        • Massage parlor
        • Partially covered sundeck

      Danube Discovery

       Daily program Bikes 

    • Bikes

      Bikes available to be rented (reserved at time of booking) include:

      • 7-speed unisex touring bike (with handbrake and/or pedal brake, please specify at the time of booking)
      • Electrically assisted bike (Pedelec)*

      *More about electrically-assisted bikes

      All rental bikes are equipped with:

      • Panniers

      You may bring your own bike upon request only!

      We recommend that you bring your own helmet for safety and hygiene purposes or plan to purchase one upon arrival. Helmets are not available for purchase on board. Helmets are compulsory for children under 13 years old.

      Bike Protection:
      Bike protection can be purchased at the time of booking. You can read more about that HERE.

      Danube Discovery

       Accommodation Dates & Prices 

    • Dates

      Apr 20; May 4, 18; Jun 22, 29; Jul 6, 27; Aug 3, 10, 31; Sep 7, 14, 21*, 2024

      Season A: Apr 20, 2024
      Season B: May 4; Sep 21, 2024
      Season C: May 18; Jun 22, 29; Jul 6, 27; Aug 3, 10, 31; Sep 7, 14, 2024


      MS Prinzessin Katharina

      Per person, double occupancy Season A Season B

      Season C

      Main deck, standard cabin, front/astern* €699 €799 €899
      Main deck, standard cabin €849 €949 €999
      Upper deck, standard cabin €1049 €1149 €1249
      Single use cabin (1 person/1 cabin)
      Main deck, standard cabin €1149 €1249 €1299
      Upper deck, standard cabin €1349 €1449 €1549

      * Engine and generator noise may be noticeable when in motion

      Triple cabin available upon request on upper deck, please contact us for more details.

      Bike Rentals

      Standard touring bike, 7-speed with hand brakes €89
      Electrically assisted bikes €199

      Included services

      • 7 nights in selected cabin with private facilities
      • Program according to the itinerary to and from Passau
      • All passenger fees and port fees
      • Captain greeting and Welcome-Drink
      • Daily cabin cleaning (change of towels and bedding as necessary)
      • 7x breakfast, 6x packed lunch for cyclists or lunch snack on board (non-cyclists), 6x afternoon coffee break, 6x three-course-dinner and 1x farewell-dinner with farewell drink
      • Daily informational meeting
      • Information pack with route book (one per cabin)
      • GPS tracks
      • Tour guide on board (does not cycle with the group)

      *Please note included services may vary slightly for 2024 travel dates

      Tour Company

      Danube Discovery

       Bikes Other Details 

    • Map

      Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.

      Surface and terrain

      The cycle route is completely flat, at times on a gentle downhill slope, and is ideal for children and bikers with less experience.

      How to get there

      Tour start and end
      Nearest airport Munich, Germany
      Nearest train station: Passau, Germany

      Tips for getting to and from your tour.

      Danube Discovery

       Dates & Prices Tour Reviews 

      • Kathy 2 weeks ago

        Nice trip! We had a really good time.

        We've done numerous bike trips around Europe but wanted to try a bike and boat this time. It's not a deluxe trip, but exceeded our expectations. The Prinzessin Katharina is older, but very well maintained, with traditional style decor. We had stayed in Passau the night prior and the taxi ride to the harbor was quick and easy. We had an upper level cabin, which was compact but had space to move around and decent storage. I peaked into the main deck cabins as well, which were laid out a little differently but seemed about the same size, with maybe a little less closet space. Don't excpect many outlets for charging your devices, as there are only a couple in the cabin. There is also a restaurant and a lounge with a bar on the upper deck. The sun deck is spacious, with lots of loungers, tables and chairs, and some covered space for shade.
        There is assigned seating in the dining room for the whole trip. Most of the passengers were German speaking, but they made a good effort to put English speaking guests at the same table. Breakfast was a pretty standard buffet, with breads, pastries, fruits and juices, as well as a few warm dishes with eggs, sausage, bacon. They also let you pack a lunch from the buffet choices. The dinner menu had 3 or 4 entree choices each night, along with a couple of starters and a couple of desserts. The food, while not gourmet, was very good. No beverages were included, so you had to pay even to have water with your dinner. There is a good selection of wine and cocktails available from the bar. Coffee and tea were provided at breakfast.
        The daily meetings to provide info on the next day's route were useful, with separate meetings provided for German and English. As expected, the bike routes kept mostly to dedicated bike paths or segregated bike lanes along roads. You rarely have to deal with much traffic, and the route is generally very easy to follow. The rental bikes provided were quite good, and comfortable.
        We only did one of their optional tours, going up to Schloss Greinburg in Grein. On a day when the schloss is normally closed, the tour company was able to arrange this tour, and we enjoyed it.
        What really made the trip so good was the crew and all of their efforts. The dining room and bar servers, housekeeping, the front desk staff, and the deck crew responsible for loading and unloading all the bikes were all outstanding, friendly and helpful. Our cruise director Monica did a great job keeping eveything running smoothly.
        We enjoyed our trip despite some unseasonably cold, rainy and windy weather part of the time. We're looking forward to planning another bike and boat trip.

        What was the date of your tour?
        April 2024
        How many tours have you completed?
        Difficulty (actual vs. expected)?
        As expected
        Who is this tour suitable for?
        First-time bike tourists, Solo travelers
        Do you recommend this tour?
        • Prinzessin Katharina arriving in Grein (photo by Kathy)
        • View from Schloss Greinburg (photo by Kathy)
        • One of the manysmall towns where you can take a break (photo by Kathy)
        • Sun deck (photo by Kathy)
        • 4/5 Value
        • 4/5 Included meals
        • 5/5 Bikes + equipment
        • 4/5 Hotels or boat
        • 5/5 Scenery
        • 5/5 Ease of navigation
        • 5/5 Tour documents
        • 5/5 Local tour company services
        • 5/5 Route selection

      Danube Discovery

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