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    Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

    7 nights
    22 miles/day
    Guided from EUR € 2145
    Countries: Germany and Poland
    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

    Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise


    Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

    7 nights
    22 miles/day

    Guided from EUR € 2145
    Bike and Boat Tour aboard Merlijn
    Countries: Germany and Poland

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    • A Bike and Boat Journey into Poland from Berlin to Malchin (and reverse)

      This bike and boat tour navigates through the heart of Northeastern Germany, where history, culture, and natural beauty converge in the area formerly known as Prussia. What began as an early Germanic religious order, expanded to become a major power in Europe and played a crucial role in forming the German Empire.

      After World War II and the redrawing of borders in Europe, the political region of Prussia was dissolved. Still, its cultural and historical legacy remains an essential aspect of the broader cultural landscape.

      And the natural landscape? You are in for a treat! You bike diverse terrains, from smooth tarmac to charming cobblestone streets, and enjoy an adventure on the Island of Usedom. Beyond cycling, on board the Merlijn, you navigate the tranquil waters of the Havel, Oder, and Peene rivers, as well as the captivating Szczecin Lagoon.

      Each day is filled with unexpected discoveries. Every twist and turn of the itinerary unfolds a new facet of Northern Europe's charm.

      • Riesling wines - Germany's best known. Aironik@Flickr
      • Elbe River in Berlin, Germany. CC:selbst
      • Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, Germany. Florian Wehde@Unsplash
      • German cusine. Wilhelm Lappe@Flickr
      • Berlin, Germany. Mahesh Kumar Painam@Unsplash
      • Käsespätzle in Germany! CC:takeaway
      • Stare Miasto, Szczecin, Poland. CC:StasiÓ Stachów

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      • Berlin, an iconic metropolis pulsating with history, art, architecture, and boundless energy
      • The Niederfinow ship lift, a marvel of engineering and the oldest of its kind in Germany
      • Stolpe Castle, where a guided tour reveals one of Germany's most impeccably preserved castle towers
      • The island of Usedom and the beguiling Baltic Sea coastline
      • The serene and mesmerizing Stettiner Lagoon
      • The Peene River, the 'Amazon of the North'
      • The Polish city of Szczecin, a captivating blend of heritage and modernity

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      Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise


    • Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

       Tour Description Daily Program 

    • Daily program

      Berlin to Malchin

      Day 1: Embarkation in Berlin/Spandau | Berlin - Oranienburg
      Your journey begins with your arrival in Berlin/Spandau. Check-in 3:30 to 5pm. After you board, the Merlijn will set sail for Oranienburg, marking the start of an enchanting eight-day adventure. As you settle in, savor a complimentary beverage and get acquainted with the friendly crew. The evening unfolds with a tour and essential safety briefing. As you cruise through the picturesque inland lakes surrounding Berlin, the mesmerizing scenery and a delectable dinner on board is a fitting introduction. Oranienburg's royal history, tied to Dutch Princess Louise Henriette of Nassau-Oranien, lies just north of Berlin's city limits. While the docking spot is a bit removed from the center, the enjoyable evening stroll after dinner will showcase the highlights.

      Day 2: Oranienburg - Eberswalde - Niederfinow (28 or 37 miles / 45 or 60 km)
      Awaken to a delightful breakfast as the barge gently glides along the Havel River to Zerpenschleuse, heralding the start of your cycling journey. Your initial destination is Eberswalde, tracing the Old Finow Canal, an ancient waterway from 1605 that linked the Havel and Oder rivers. The Merlijn awaits you in Eberswalde to continue your voyage. For the more adventurous, an extended ride to Niederfinow is an option. Tonight's mooring spot is near the Niederfinow Ship Lift.

      Day 3: Niederfinow - Oderberg - Schwedt (31 miles / 50 km)
      A tour highlight unfolds as you traverse the oldest German ship lift at Niederfinow, a construction from 1932. Witness the Merlijn descend some 38 meters within this remarkable lift. Following the descent, your journey proceeds to Oderberg, where your cycling excursion begins. This route leads to the charming city of Schwedt, taking you through breathtaking pockets of natural beauty. Your itinerary includes a visit to the imposing Castle of Stolpe.

      The Castle of Stolpe boasts one of Germany's most impeccably preserved medieval castle towers. Ascend to the rooftop for sweeping views that stretch from the National Lower Oder River Valley to Poland and encompass the lush wooded slopes of the vast hinterland. An enlightening guided tour of the castle is part of the experience. Afterward, your path winds through more scenic landscapes, leading you to the historical town of Schwedt, where remnants of the former German Democratic Republic await discovery.

      Day 4: Schwedt - Mescherin - Szczecin (25 or 44 miles / 40 or 70 km)
      Today's cycling journey unveils the pristine wonders of nature. You'll pedal your way to Mescherin in Brandenburg state before boarding the Merlijn for a voyage into Poland. Your evening will be spent in the once-German city of Stettin, now Szczecin, Poland. Dinner tonight offers a chance to explore regional Polish cuisine at your leisure, with many restaurants awaiting your discovery.

      Day 5: Szczecin - Kamminke/Usedom (22 miles / 35 km)
      As the day breaks, the Merlijn sets sail early, tracing the Oder from Szczecin to the confluence with the Stettin Lagoon/Stettiner Haff. After crossing the Oder's estuary, you'll navigate the magnificent Stettiner Lagoon to reach the sun-kissed island of Usedom, straddling the German-Polish border along the Baltic Sea. Commencing around 11:30 am, your cycling adventure will guide you across the island to its northern Baltic Sea coast. Here, you will have plenty of time for relaxation, swimming, or strolls through enchanting towns like Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf. Whatever you choose, this island promises an extraordinary highlight of your tour. Your evening unfolds in Kamminke, a quaint village offering a tranquil stay.

      Day 6: Kamminke - Karnin - Anklam - Stolpe (22 or 34 miles / 35 or 55 km)
      Morning finds you cycling across the picturesque island of Usedom, with a stop en route at a small GDR Museum. In the southern reaches of Karnin, you will rejoin the Merlijn and journey down the Peene River. Those seeking more adventure can extend their bike tour to Anklam. Today's destination is the charming village of Stolpe, nestled within a natural reserve.

      Day 7: Stolpe - Jarmen - Verchen - Malchin (31 miles / 50 km)
      After a delightful breakfast on board, your final cycling leg commences in Jarmen, another picturesque village along the river. This route again leads you through the former GDR region, with road surfaces shifting from tarmac to concrete bike paths and cobblestones. Cruising along the Peene River in the late afternoon, Malchin is reached by evening, a serene town surrounded by forests, meadows, and agricultural land. The riverbanks stretch wide, with no traffic, houses, or people as far as the eye can see. Revel in the beauty of this 'Amazon of the North' as you conclude a week of extraordinary cycling adventures. Along the way, you'll cross the expansive Kummerower See, a 20 km-wide lake, before reentering the Peene River, another highlight of your journey. Arriving at Malchin - your final destination - your wonderful farewell dinner awaits.

      Day 8: Departure from Malchin
      Your memorable journey concludes as you bid farewell to Malchin after a hearty breakfast, departing by 9:00 a.m.

      Malchin to Berlin

      Day 1: Malchin - Demmin (Check-in 3:30 to 4 pm)

      Day 2: Demmin - Alt Plestin - Stolpe - Anklam (28 miles or 34 miles /45 or 55 km)

      Day 3: Anklam - Karnin - Kamminke | Usedom (31 miles / 50 km)

      Day 4: Damminke - Szczecin(19 miles / 30 km)

      Day 5: Szczecin - Mescherin - Schwedt (28 miles / 45 km)

      Day 6: Schwedt - Oderberg - Eberswalde (16 or 34 miles / 25 or 55 km)

      Day 7: Eberswalde - Oranienburg - Berlin/Spandau (22 or 44 miles / 35 or 70 km)

      Day 8: Berlin/Spandau

      Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

       Photos Accommodation 

    • Accommodation



        Originally constructed in 1930 and then lovingly converted to a passenger vessel with many renovations throughout the years, this beautiful boat boasts 12 luxurious cabins with two comfortable beds that can be pushed together or separated. Read more

        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
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        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn
        • Merlijn


          • Sundeck (40 m²)
          • Bar, lounge and dining area; Lounge covering (90 m²)
          • Climate control throughout entire ship (including individual cc in cabins)
          • Free Hot drinks machine (Unlimited coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and water during the cruise)
          • Water on board is drinkable. Unlimited cooled tap water provided. Bottled water available to purchase at the bar.
          • Special Diet Requests: The boat is able to accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free at no extra charge. Vegan diets can also be accommodated, a €50 per person per week surcharge will be applied. Diets need to be requested with your booking.
          • Daily cabin cleaning
          • Laundry service available. Price on board.


        Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

         Daily program Bikes 

      • Bikes

        Bikes available and included in the tour package (must be reserved at time of booking) include:

        • Standard city touring bike: Jan Janssen C02 or similar
          • Unisex model
          • Lightweight frame (available in 4 different sizes)
          • 8- or 11-speed
          • Hydraulic disc brakes
          • Shimano Alfine gear hub
          • Max S5 Superflow saddle

        Bikes available to rent (must be reserved at time of booking):

        • Electrically assisted bike*: Gudereit, ISY, or similar
          • Unisex model
          • 7 gears
          • Bosch engine

        *More about electrically-assisted bikes >

        Included with the bike rental:

        • Pannier bag
        • Helmet
        • Fixed lock
        • Water bottle
        • Towel

        Bike Protection
        Can be purchased at the time of booking. You can read more about that HERE.


        Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

         Accommodation Dates & Prices 

      • Dates

        Berlin to Malchin: Jul 20, Aug 3, 2024
        Malchin to Berlin: Aug 10, 2024


        Tour package

        Per person, double occupancy €2145
        Single-use cabin (1 person/1 cabin) On request

        2 for 1 discount on July 20 departure. Valid for all new bookings after June 25, 2024.

        Bike Rentals

        27-speed standard touring bike Included
        Electrically assisted bikes €180

        Included services

        • 7 nights aboard the Merlijn
        • Welcome drink
        • 7 x breakfast, 6 x packed lunches, and 6 x three-course dinner
        • Coffee, tea, and water
        • Supply of bedding, towels, facial tissues, hand soap, soap, shampoo, sewing kit, vanity kit, bathrobe, and slippers
        • Daily cabin cleaning
        • Tour guide and daily tour briefing
        • 27-speed bicycle, which includes a waterproof pannier, towel, and helmet
        • Complimentary water bottle
        • GPS-tracks on the majority of routes
        • Canal, bridge & harbor fees
        • All ferry fares
        • Entrance to Stolpe Tower
        • Entrance to DDR (DGR) Museum

        Tour Company

        Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

         Bikes Other Details 

      • Surface and terrain

        On this bike and boat tour, you'll encounter a diverse range of cycling surfaces, from smooth tarmac to charming cobblestone streets. In addition to these enjoyable rides, you'll have the opportunity to explore the sunny paradise of Usedom Island in the Baltic Sea, known for its extensive network of well-paved and smoothly-surfaced cycling paths.

        How to get there

        Tour start/end

        Berlin-Brandenburg (BER)

        BER is well connected to the city center by various transportation options, including train and bus. The airport has its own railway station.

        Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

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        Northern German Odyssey: Bike, Barge and Cruise

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