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Cycling the Altmuehl Valley, Round-Trip from Regensburg

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  • 6 nights | 36 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €499
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  1. Mostly flat
  2. Flat with some gentle slopes
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs
  5. Extensive climbing

Tours using mountain bikes:

  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
  3. Rolling, hilly terrain and/or narrow trails
  4. Some long and/or steep climbs and/or technical trails
  5. Extensive climbing and/or highly technical trails
  1. Variety: Choose from more than 200 tours offered by local operators in 35 countries.
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

This tour combines the most beautiful section of the Altmuhl Valley and the Danube and the lesser known Wellheimer Tal, which the original Danube created. Two boat trips enable you to enjoy the scenery from the water. The medieval towns of Regensburg, Ingolstadt, and Eichstätt are the cultural highlights along this cycling tour which is otherwise filled with the overwhelming beauty of nature.

Daily program

Day 1: Individual arrival in Regensburg
Your tour begins in Regensburg, the most northern town on the Danube. This town is considered Germany's best preserved city and has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site. Take some time to explore the lovely parks and gardens as well as the historic old town.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 2: Regensburg – Abensberg/Bad Gögging (31-34 miles/50-55 km + boat trip)
You start your cycling tour going upstream to Kelheim, where Mother Nature has something special in store in the form of the Danube Gap. Many, many years ago, the Danube curved its way through the massive Jura rocks here. Today you follow the Danube through this narrow passageway by boat. In the beer garden of Weltenburg Monastery, fortify yourself for the next section of the tour.
Overnight in Bad Gögging (area).

Day 3: Abensberg/Bad Gögging – Neuburg (37-40 miles/60-65 km)
You have a leisurely cycle through fields of hops to Ingolstadt, not only the seat of the Audi works but also a very well preserved old Bavarian fortress town. The Bavarian Purity Law on beer was passed here over 500 years ago. In Neuburg, you'll see one of the most beautiful renaissance castles along the Danube.
Overnight in Neuburg.

Day 4: Neuburg – Eichstatt (37 miles/60 km)
Today you cycle from the Danube to the Altmühl by way of Wellheim Trockental valley, which was originally created by the original course of the Danube. You dip into unspoiled nature with clear views of the scenery - dry grassland and impressive rock formations, for which the Altmühl valley is well known. You follow this path from Dollnstein to Eichstätt.
Overnight in Eichstatt.

Day 5: Eichstatt – Beilngries(28 miles/45 km)
Eichstätt was a diocesan town and has delightful Baroque architecture. Before your departure, you have time to visit the Jura museum and its many fossils of dinosaurs from the area! Your cycle tour today takes you through a juniper heath in Altmühltal valley to your destination, the charming town of Beilngries
Overnight in Riedenburg.

Day 6: Beilngries – Riedenburg – Kelheim – Regensburg (40 miles/65 km + boat trip)
From Dietfurt you follow the Altmühl's course along the bed of the Main-Danube canal. In Riedenburg, you go aboard boat and give your legs a well-deserved rest. Enjoy the calm of the boat and the countryside you pass slowly by before you leave the boat in Kelheim and cycle the last few kilometers to Regensburg.
Overnight in Regensburg.

Day 7: Departure
Your cycling tour comes to an end after breakfast. Individual journey home, or we would be happy to help you extend your stay.

Route map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Sundays and Mondays: May 5-Oct 5, 2019
Off season: May 05, 2019 - May 17, 2019
Low season: May 18, 2019 - May 24, 2019, Sep 15, 2019 - Oct 05, 2019
Shoulder season: May 25, 2019 - Jun 07, 2019, Jun 23, 2019 - Jul 12, 2019, Aug 25, 2019 - Sep 14, 2019
High season: Jun 08, 2019 - Jun 22, 2019, Jul 13, 2019 - Aug 24, 2019


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
Low season surcharge
Shoulder season surcharge
High season surcharge
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Optional dinner package
Bike Rentals
Hybrid touring bike, 27-speed unisex
Hybrid touring bike, 27-speed men's frame
Electrically assisted bike
26-inch child's bike
24-inch child's bike
20-inch child's bike
Extra Nights, Regensburg
Per person, double occupancy
Single room (1 person/1 room)
Child, ages 0-5 sharing a room with 2 full paying adults (on base package price)
Child, ages 6-13 sharing a room with 2 full paying adults (on base package price)
Child, ages 14-17 sharing a room with 2 full paying adults (on base package price)
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Radweg-Reisen Terms and Conditions

The following provisions relate to, to the extent effectively agreed, the travel contract that will be concluded between the tour operator, referred to in the following as "the tour operator" and the customer. They supplement the legal provisions of §§ 651a - m BGB (German Civil Code) and the Rules on Disclosure for Travel Agents according to §§ 4 - 11 BGB-InfoV (Ordinance on Duties of Disclosure and Documentation under Civil Law) and complete them.

Cancellations may be cancelled in writing prior to arrival. In case of cancellation the following fees apply.


  • Up to 28 days before arrival: 0 %
  • 27 days - 14 days before arrival: 20 %
  • 13 days - 7 days before arrival: 40 %
  • 7 days or fewer before arrival: 80 %
  • "No show" or failure to appear: 90 %

CHANGES: Should changes to existing bookings exceed normal standards, we will charge a fee of €25 per change up to 28 days prior to arrival (change of travel dates, length of journey, tour category, participants). Fees for more short-term changes to bookings, if they are possible, will be calculated according to effort and expenses incurred.

1. Conclusion of the Travel Contract, Customer’s Obligations
1.1. The following applies to all types of booking:
a) The basis of the tour operator offer and the customer’s booking is the description of the package offer and the supplemental information in the booking conditions to the extent that these are in the customer’s possession at the time of booking.
b) Travel agents are not authorised by the tour operator to conclude agreements or give assurances that would change the agreed-upon content of the travel contract.
c) If the booking confirmation deviates from the content of the booking, this constitutes a new offer from the tour operator. The contract comes into effect on the basis of this new offer if the customer declares his/her acceptance explicitly, makes a down payment or pays the outstanding balance or claims travel services.
d) The customer completing the booking is liable for the contractual obligations of those travelling with him for whom he completes the booking, for his own, to the extent that he has assumed a corresponding obligation through expressed and separate declaration.
e) The customer is advised that there is no right to revoke after the conclusion of the contract in accordance with the legal provision of § 312b Para. 3 No. 6 BGB.

1.2. The following applies for bookings that are completed orally, by telephone, in writing, by e-mail or by telefax:
a) With the booking, the customer offers the tour operator the conclusion of the travel contract.
b) The contract is established with the receipt of the booking confirmation (declaration on acceptance) by the tour operator. No form is required with the consequence that both oral and telephone confirmations are legally binding on the customer. In the case of oral or telephone bookings, the tour operator will send a written copy of the booking confirmation to the traveller. Oral or telephone bookings by the traveller lead also to the conclusion of a binding contract with a binding oral or telephone confirmation, if the corresponding written copy of the booking confirmation is not received by the customer.

1.3. In the case of bookings that are completed by means of an online booking procedure without individual communication (contract in electronic business transaction), the following applies to the conclusion of the contract:
a) The procedure for online booking will be explained to the traveller on the tour operator’s internet site.
b) The customer will be able to correct his information, delete it or reset the entire online booking form; instructions on use will be provided.
c) The languages of the contract for completion of the online booking procedure will be indicated clearly.
d) To the extent that the contract text is stored by the tour operator in the online booking system, the customer will be informed of this fact and the option of downloading the contract text later.
e) By pressing this button (the radio button) “book and pay”, the customer offers the tour operator the conclusion of a binding travel contract. The receipt of this booking will be sent to the customer immediately electronically.
f) Transmission of the contract offer by pressing the button “book and pay” does not establish a legal claim on the part of the customer to the establishment of a travel contract conforming to his booking information. The tour operator is furthermore free to decide whether or not to accept the customer’s offer of contract.
g) The contract takes effect with the receipt of the booking confirmation from the tour operator by the customer.
3. Change of Services
3.1. Changes to essential travel services agreed on in the content of the travel contract that become necessary after conclusion of the contract and are made by the tour operator in good faith are only permitted to the extent that these changes are not significant and do not detract from the overall arrangement of the trip.
3.2. Any warranty claims remain unaffected to the extent that the altered services are affected with deficiencies.
3.3. The tour operator is obligated to immediately inform the customer of any significant change in performance immediately after they become aware of the grounds for the change.
3.4. In the event of a significant change in an essential travel service, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract without payment or to demand the right to participate in a trip of at least equal value, if the tour operator is able to offer the customer a trip of this kind from its range of products without any increased price. The customer must assert these rights immediately after the tour operator notifies of the change in the travel service or cancels the trip.
4. Withdrawal by the Customer Prior to Start of Trip/Cancellation Costs
4.1. The customer can withdraw from the trip at any time prior to the beginning of the travel. The customer must notify the tour operator of withdrawal at the address given below. If the trip was booked by a travel agent, notification of withdrawal can be affected with the agent, as well. We recommend the customer provide written notification of withdrawal.
4.2. If the customer withdraws before the start of travel or does not make the trip, the tour operator loses its claim to the price of the trip. Instead, the tour operator can, to the extent that the withdrawal is not its responsibility or is not attributable to force majeure, demand reasonable compensation for the travel preparations that it made up to the point of withdrawal and its expenses depending on the price of the specific trip.
4.3. The tour operator has taken into account the possible saved expenses and possible usual other use of the travel services in the calculation of compensation. The compensation will be calculated as follows according to the date of receipt of the customer’s declaration of withdrawal, based on the total price:
a) Standard trips:

  • Up to 28 days before arrival: 0 %
  • 27 days - 14 days before arrival: 20 %
  • 13 days - 7 days before arrival: 40 %
  • 7 days or fewer before arrival: 80 %
  • "No show" or failure to appear: 90 %

b) Trips with ship travel:

  • Up to 84 days prior to arrival: 20%
  • From 83 to 42 days before arrival: 30%
  • From 41 to 28 days prior to arrival: 60%
  • From 27 to 4 days before arrival: 80%
  • From 3 days prior to arrival or "No show": 90%

4.4. The customer is in any case free to prove to the tour operator that it incurred significantly lower than the sum demanded by the tour operator or no damages at all.
4.5. The tour operator reserves the right to demand a higher, concrete compensation for damages instead of the fees stated above to the extent that the tour operator proves that it incurred significantly higher expenses than the respective applicable fees. In this case the tour operator is obligated to list the compensation demanded in detail and take into account the saved expenses and any other use of the travel services and document this information.
4.6. The customer’s legal right to send a substitute traveller as stated in § 651 b BGB is unaffected by the provisions above.

In the case of changes to existing bookings we aim to find a solution which is as accommodating as possible. Should changes to existing bookings exceed normal standards, we will charge a fee of €25 per change up to 28 days prior to arrival (change of travel dates, length of journey, tour category, participants). Fees for more short-term changes to bookings, if they are possible, will be calculated according to effort and expenses incurred. Generally there is no right for reimbursement upon termination of a journey. However, in specific cases we will aim to find an accommodating solution.
5. Re-Bookings
After conclusion of the contract, the customer has no entitlement to changes with respect to the travel date, destination, place of embarkation, lodgings or mode of transportation (re-booking). If, however, a re-booking is granted at the request of the customer, the tour operator can charge a re-booking fee.
6. Service Not Claimed
If the customer does not claim specific travel serves that were offered to him properly for reasons for which he is responsible (e.g. due to early return or other compulsory grounds), he is not entitled to a proportional refund of the trip price. The tour operator will make an effort to refund the expenses saved by the service provider. This obligation does not apply if these services are completely insignificant or if legal or official provisions prevent such a refund.
7. Withdrawal due to Failure to Reach the Minimum Number of Participants
7.1. The tour operator can withdraw on failure to reach the minimum number of participants according to the following rules:
a) The minimum number of participants and the latest possible date of withdrawal by the tour operator must be stated in the actual description of the trip or, in the case of uniform rules for all trips or specific types of trips, in a general notice in the catalogue or a general description of services.
b) The tour operator must also state the minimum number of participants and the latest date of withdrawal on the booking confirmation or refer there to the corresponding information in the prospectus.
c) The tour operator is obligated to immediately notify the traveller when the trip is cancelled as soon as it is clear that the trip will not be completed due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants.
d) The tour operator may not withdraw later than 4 weeks before the start of travel.
7.2. The customer can, if participation in the trip is denied, demand another trip of at least equal value, if the tour operator is able to offer such a trip from its range of products without added price to the customer. The customer must assert this right to the tour operator immediately after notification of the cancellation of the trip by the tour operator.
7.3. If the trip is not carried out for this reason, the customer will immediately be refunded any payments already made against the travel price.
8. General Obligations of the Customer
8.1. The obligation of reporting any deficiency in the trip with the tour operator deriving from § 651 d Para. 2 BGB is concretised as follows:
a) The traveller is obligated to immediately report any deficiencies appearing to the local representation of the tour operator (trip guide, agency) and demand a remedy.
b) The traveller will be informed of the identity, availability and the communication data of the representative of the tour operator at the latest when the travel documents are sent.
c) If, under the terms of the contract, no local representation or trip guide is provided, the traveller is obligated to report any deficiencies directly to the tour operator at the address given below.
d) The traveller’s claims are only then inapplicable if the traveller, of his own liability, fails to submit the complaint.
8.2. Travel guides, agencies and employees of service providers are not entitled and not authorised by the tour operator to confirm complaints of deficiencies or to recognise claims against the tour operator.
8.3. If the trip is significantly compromised as a consequence of a deficiency in the trip, the customer/traveller can cancel the contract. The like applies if the trip is no longer reasonable to the traveller as a result of such a deficiency deriving from a significant cause for which the tour operator is responsible. This cancellation is only permissible if the tour operator or, to the extent that they are involved and are contractually recognised as contact partners, its assigned agents (travel guide, agency), allows a reasonable grace period set by for them by the customer/traveller to pass without providing any remedy. The specification of such a grace period is unnecessary if the remedy is impossible or is refused by the tour operator or its appointed agents or if the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified by a special interest of the traveller.
8.4. The customer must inform the tour operator if he does not receive the required travel documents within the period communicated to him by the tour operator or does not receive them in their entirety.
9. Customer’s Special Obligations
9.1. The participant is obligated to make sure of his health status and physical constitution prior to booking the trip and during the trip and is specifically required to consult a physician, if necessary, prior to booking and/or start of travel. The tour operator is not obligated to provide any contractual consulting, examination or supervisory services in this matter.
9.2. The customer is exclusively personally responsible for the road safety, technical function and all other conditions relating to the carriage of his bicycle. The tour operator is not subject to any consulting or supervisory obligations in this respect, either.
9.3. Both in the case of private bicycles that the travellers may bring with them as well as in the case of bicycles that are provided, the customer is responsible for continuously monitoring the technical integrity and road safety of the bicycle. In the framework of general legal obligations to report defects, the customer is obligated to immediately report any defects to the travel guide provided by the tour operator and – in the case of a bicycle that has been provided – to request assistance.
9.4. The customer is obligated to strictly observe all traffic regulations. Regardless of what information on this matter is provided by the tour operator, the customer is also required to get informed about the applicable traffic regulations in the specific country in which he will be travelling.
9.5.The customer is required to avoid causing any harm, detriment or endangerment to other person or to their property when riding his bicycle and must ride showing due consideration for others.
10. Cancellation due to Conduct
10.1. The tour operator can immediately cancel the travel contract if:
a) The customer does not adequately meet the physical preconditions for the specific travel event or the equipment that he brings along with him is not adequate for the intended purpose.
b) The customer culpably violates the special responsibilities listed in No. 9 of these travel conditions.
c) The customer continues to cause disruptions in some other way in spite of a warning from the tour operator or violates the contract in such a way that immediate nullification of the contract is justified.
10.2. If the tour operator cancels, it retains the claim to the trip price. However, it must give credit for the value of any saved expenses as well as those advantages that they achieve from any other use of the service not claimed, including any amounts paid to their account by  the service providers.
11. Liability Limitation
11.1. The tour operator’s contractual liability for damages that do not result from loss of life, bodily injury or detriment to personal health is limited to three times the trip price:
a) to the extent that harm to the customer was not caused through gross negligence or malicious intent; or
b) to the extent that the tour operator is responsible for damages incurred to the customer solely owing to the culpability of a service provider.
Possible claims going beyond this under the Montreal Convention and/or the Air Travel Act are not affected by these liability restrictions.
11.2. The tour operator is not liable for disruptions in service, personal injury or property damage in connection with services  that are only arranged in its capacity as an external service provider (e.g. excursions, sporting events, visits to the theatre, exhibitions, transportation services to and from the announced starting point or destination), if these services are explicitly and clearly labelled as external services in the trip announcement and the booking confirmation, with the arranged contract partner being identified in each case, so that the customer/traveller can recognise that these servers are not a part of the tour operator’s travel services. The tour operator is, however, liable for services that include the transport of the customer/traveller from the announced starting point of the trip to the announced destination, intermediate transport during the trip and lodging during the trip and/or if and to the extent that a breach of the tour operator’s obligations to instruct, explain or organise causes a loss or harm to the customer/traveller. Any liability on the part of the tour operator for failure to meet its obligations as an agent is not affected by the provisions above.
12. Exclusion of Claims
12.1. The customer must assert any claims due to failure to contractually fulfil the trip within a month of the contractually planned end of the trip. The period begins with the day after the day on which the trip ends according to the contract. If that last day falls on a Sunday, on a state holiday generally recognised at the location where the contract is declared, or on a Saturday, that day is the next working day.
12.2. The assertion can only be made in compliance with the deadline when made to the tour operator at the address given below. Once the deadline passes, the customer can only assert claims if he was prevented from meeting the deadline for reasons beyond his control.
13. Expiration
13.1. Customer claims under §§ 651c to f BGB owing to loss of life, bodily harm or detriment to health that result from an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the tour operator or a legal representative or temporary employee of the tour operator expire in two years. This also applies to claims on compensation for other damages that result from intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the tour operator or one of its legal representatives or temporary employees.
13.2. All other claims under §§ 651c to f BGB expire in one year.
13.3. The expiration period under No. 13.1 and 13.2 begins on the day that follows the day on which the trip ends according to the contract. If that last day falls on a Sunday, on a state holiday generally recognised at the location where the contract is declared, or on a Saturday, that day is the next working day.
13.4. If there are pending negotiations between the customer and the tour operator concerning the claim or the conditions justifying the claim, expiration is suspended until the customer or the tour operator refuses to continue negotiations. The expiration will take effect at the earliest three months after the end of the suspension.
14. Passports, Visas and Health Regulations
14.1. The tour operator will instruct nationals of a state of the European Community in which the trip is offered concerning the provisions of law governing passports, visas and health regulations before the contract is concluded and will also inform them of any changes made prior to start of the trip. For nationals of other states, the responsible consulate will provide information. The operating assumption will be that there are no unusual factors at work in the person of the customer and any possible travelling companions of the customer (e.g. double citizenship, condition of statelessness).
14.2. The customer is responsible for obtaining and carrying all officially necessary travel documents, possibly required vaccinations as well as for compliance with customs and currency exchange regulations. Any penalties that result from the failure to heed these regulations, e.g. paying cancellation costs, will be borne by the customer. This does not apply if the tour operator did not provide any information, inadequate information or incorrect information.
14.3. The tour operator is not liable for the timely issue or receipt of any necessary visa by the specifically responsible diplomatic representation, if the customer did not contract the tour operator to obtain it, unless the tour operator culpably failed to fulfil its own obligations.
15. Agreement on Choice of Law and Court of Jurisdiction
15.1. For customers/travellers who are not nationals of a member state of the European Union or Swiss citizens, the exclusive application of German law is agreed upon for all legal and contractual relations between the customer/traveller and the tour operator. Such customers/travellers can only bring legal complaints against the tour operator at its headquarters.
15.2. For legal complaints brought by the tour operator against customers and/or contracting partners in the travel contract who are merchants, legal persons under public or private law or natural persons and who are domiciled or have their habitual residence abroad, or whose habitual residence is unknown at the time the complaint is brought, the headquarters of the tour operator is agreed to as the court of sole jurisdiction.

All photos used by permission. ©Radweg-Reisen


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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 2.8
  • Value 4.2
  • Included meals 4.8
  • Bikes & equipment 4.2
  • Hotels or boat 4.6
  • Scenery 4.9
  • Ease of navigation 3.4
  • Tour documents 4
  • Local tour company services 3.9
  • Route selection 4.3


Monica and Ross September 26, 2018

Beautiful Bavaria

A fantastic self guided tour through beautiful scenery, historic towns and points of interest. Accomodation was top notch, and baggage transfer was seamless, bikes were well matched to the task. A couple of the days were a little long and prevented visiting points of interest. An update on changed conditions would have been handy (the low river flow in the Danube prevented the boat from getting to Weltenberg Kloster,meant an unexpected cycling leg).

jhnyc September 22, 2018


My 10 year old nephew and I had a wonderful ride through the Altmuehl Valley. The riding was safe (almost entirely on bike paths) and very doable for a 10 year old. Beautiful scenery every day and plenty of fun things to explore along the way. The hotels were quaint and lovely - all offered great breakfasts to get us started each day. The bikes were nice and maps generally very helpful. I would definitely book another trip.

Jonathan M September 17, 2018

Great trails, not well organized

This trip follows well marked German bike trails which are very easy to navigate and quite scenic. The hotels are fabulous. However, we did not have a good experience with the German bike company (Radweg Reisen) that operates the trip on the ground. We were self-guided, and our information package was not available the day we arrived, so we didn't have maps and guiding information in advance. When the packet arrived the next morning, we discovered that it contained very little about sights near the tour route. We were able to Google plenty of side trips but wondered: isn't that the job of the tour company? Also, our bikes were delivered late on the day we were supposed to start, so we lost a morning of biking (and actually the bikes were eventually delivered not by the tour company but by an English family to whom the bikes had been misdelivered). We called Radweg Reisen but their corporate office was located hundreds of km away. We have been on lots of trips with biketours.com and find that the smaller shops are much more attentive and give better service. Radweg Reisen is too big to care about 2 self-guided bikers.

Mdlewis June 24, 2018

Altmuehl Valley, Round Trip from Regensburg

Our first European Bike Tour was a success! We very much enjoyed the experience. The villages and scenery were interesting to pass through. The Altmuehl Valley is beautiful and the choice of cities for the overnight stays were great. Our bikes were first rate and we didn’t experience any problems with them. BikeTours.com were very supportive through the process. One of the disadvantages of the self guided tours is that you need to make it to the hotel selected for you that night, instead of the flexibility to stay at places of interest along the way. Speaking of the hotels, they were conveniently located, older, but renovated nicely. Unfortunately, none of them had air conditioning (we travelled through very hot weather). Air conditioning would have been muchly appreciated at the end of the day. As the hotels were in a central location, the rooms were on the noisy side of the street. We did get lost twice and perhaps more detailed maps, between each city would be useful. Saying that, we are looking forward to our next trip. My wife will be renting an electric bike next time!

Travel Junkie October 2, 2017

First bike trip.

Wow, what a trip! I usually plan everything so it felt a little strange not doing a thing. We showed up at our first hotel and everything was ready to go. Hotels were lovely. Breakfast was adequate, kept us going until lunch. Our luggage was at the hotel when we arrived. We were very happy with the services provided.
The scenery was amazing, the river, the fields, and the valley. The valley was our favorite. The boat trips were enjoyable. And so many castles!
A couple of days on the trail were a little harder than I thought they would be. The trail surface was rough and hard to pedal on. When the trail was smooth, the cycling was a breeze. We had no trouble with the bikes although It might have been better if we would have rented the 21 speed bikes. We were on the trail 5 -7 hours each day. All and all, we would do it again. I see another trip in our future.

Responses from Biketours.com

Brittany November 20, 2018
We love helping plan the right tour and we're delighted to hear you had a great time! We hope to help you again in the future.
AnneD August 25, 2017

Fantastic way to see Germany!

Really enjoyed this self-guided experience. The bikes were comfortable, appropriate accessories were included, the luggage pick up and delivery was reliable. The selected accommodations were in the main part of the town.....clean, comfortable, with hearty breakfasts...two spots even had a sauna! Opportunity to enjoy local sights, food and culture, frequently woke to the sound of church bells. Maps and info provided...would recommend bringing a GPS and taking time in advance to understand German road signs ...occasional difficulty finding street names or missing turn-offs...which happens and is a part of the adventure.

THB123 July 13, 2017

Great first-time bike tour

We went on this tour with our 9- and 12-year-old boys. It was an adventure at times, but everyone loved it.

We averaged about 36 miles per day, with the longest ride 43 miles. With a couple exceptions (detour on second day; climb to scenic vista on beginning of third day), the route was generally flat and easy to ride. Outside of towns, the route follows dedicated bike paths and quiet roads. There were a couple spots, both at Danube river crossings that we found a bit intimidating with the kids, but they were ultimately no problem. With our stops and side trips, we typically had long days (arriving at hotel between 4:30 and 6 or 7), but the rides were not overly taxing physically.

The scenery was interesting and the towns were charming. Not too many other tourists on the route or in the towns during the week, but on Friday and Saturday there more tourists, mainly Germans cyclists, kayakers, hikers. A couple of the hotels were outstanding, a couple others were merely acceptable. We had quad rooms everywhere, except one hotel provided adjoining double. Included continental breakfasts were good, more or less as expected. Luggage was picked up from and delivered to the next hotel each day without problem.

Bikes were about as expected, but could have been better. A bit heavy, and could have used tune ups. We did have a flat tire, and the included tools were sufficient to get the tire changed (which we had never done before).

Signs were typically excellent, but there were a couple missing signs. It is helpful to know when you are following a long-distance or primary bike route (shown on area maps provided) because there's additional signs. For the most part, following bike route signs to the next town was sufficient. We missed turns a few times, but we got better at reading the maps and following the routes after the first day or so.

Bike Queen July 12, 2017

E-Bikes Are the Way to Go!

For the most part this was a GREAT trip. A few things (in no particular order) might be improved: More detailed descriptions of the routes, especially getting into and out of the larger towns. That's usually when we got lost even with the routes provided. Loved all the hotels, newer and older. Meals everywhere were great. The e-bikes were a lot of fun. They could have used a bit of an overhaul before we took them out, however. gears (especially 5 and 8) slipped. I had virtually no 5th gear. None of it was so difficult that we bothered to stop and get anything fixed. The scenery was fabulous. We had a couple of rainy days, but they didn't' interfere with our fun.

Easy cycler July 15, 2016

Beautiful Bavarian countryside

Each day was a unique experience. Starting with the Danube path, then the lush fields and rocky backdrop of the Altmuhl valley, and the ferry rides along the Danube gorge and the canal. The villages along the way were so picturesque.
The maps and descriptions provided us with a wonderful guide to the sights along the way. The hotels were comfortable, centrally located, and very helpful about what to see and good restaurants for dinner. Our overnights were in towns with rich history and traditions, and there were always interesting spots to stop along the way.
We finished the tour knowing that we would like to go back.