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Berlin – Copenhagen (and reverse)

“Small towns, great paths, scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and the sea!” — L.S.

“Small towns, great paths, scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and the sea!” — L.S.

“Small towns, great paths, scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and the sea!” — L.S.

“Small towns, great paths, scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and the sea!” — L.S.

“Small towns, great paths, scenic vistas of lakes, rivers, and the sea!” — L.S.
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  • 10 nights | 35 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €1259
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

Look forward to 300+ diversified biking miles, which connect two of the most interesting capitals of Europe. You cycle on very good bicycle paths through idyllic greens of the Havel in the country of Brandenburg, cross the beautiful lakeland area of Mecklenburg and enjoy a 2 hour cruise on the Baltic Sea.

The countryside of Denmark is rich in contrast. Cliffy coasts change into white sandy beaches. Picturesque fishing villages take turns with majestic palaces and gorgeous manor-houses in the inland. The bicycle paths lead you along the coast on mostly quiet side roads and unhitched well drivable bicycle paths.

Daily Program

This tour is available starting in Berlin or in Copenhagen. The Berlin-Copenhagen itinerary is detailed below, and the Copenhagen-Berlin itinerary is summarized at the bottom.

Berlin-Copenhagen: Mondays, Jun 3-Aug 26; Thursdays, Jul 11-Aug 15, 2019.

Day 1: Arrival Oranienburg
Travelers are responsible for their own transportation to Oranienburg. You can reach Oranienburg easily by using the direct interurban train (S-Bahn) from Berlin city.
Overnight in Oranienburg.

Day 2: Oranienburg – Zehdenick/Fuerstenberg (22-47 miles/35-75 km)
Today you cycle along the Oder-Havel-Canal to Liebenwalde. Continue along the Havel to Zehdenick.
Overnight in Fuerstenberg or nearby.

Day 3: Zehdenick/Fuerstenberg – Neustrelitz (28-49 miles/45-78 km)
Along the way, you will come across the legendary Lake Stechlin, which has been immortalized through literature by T. Fontane.
Overnight in Neustrelitz.

Day 4: Neustrelitz – Waren (40 miles/65 km)
A highlight of this tour is the Mueritz National Park. Along the way is the small village of Ankershagen, where Schliemann, who discovered Troy, grew up.
Overnight in the Waren area.

Day 5: Waren – Krakow region/Güstrow (28-43 miles/45-69 km)
In the Nossentiner Heide National Park, you cycle through the vast wooded area to Krakow. Güstrow, known for the late artist, Barlach, isn't far away. Your time is well spent by doing a sightseeing tour through the old town as well as by visiting E.-Barlach-atelier.
Overnight in Krakow or Güstrow.

Day 6: Krakow/Güstrow– Rostock (34-49 miles/54-78 km)
On the way to Rostock you will cycle along the Buetzow-Guestrow-Canal. Tour can be shorten on the from Güstrow up to Rostock by train at your own (not included in tour cost).
Overnight in Rostock.

Day 7: Rostock - Nyköbing/Falster (25 miles/40 km)
In the morning you will cycle to the ferry harbor in order to board your ferry to Gedser. After approximately 2 hours you will arrive in Denmark enjoying dikes and forests along your way to Falster's beautiful beach.
Overnight in Nykøbing.

Day 8: Nyköbing/Falster – Island of Møn (47 miles/75 km)
Cycling along the coast and through easy terrain, you will reach the old merchant city of Stubbekøbing. It will be worth your while to browse around town before taking the ferry to the island Bogø, where the ferry will make a quick stop. Continue on the ferry to the Island of Møn. The cost of this ferry is not included in the tour cost (approx €12, payable on site).
Overnight in Stege.

Day 9: Island of Møn – Køge (32-42 miles/50-68 km)
You'll cross the bridge from Møn to Zealand. Continue north through the coastal landscape. Cottages and manor houses dot the surrounding countryside. From here, it is 32 miles/52 km to Fakse and 42 miles/68 km to the cliffs at Rødvig. The cost of transportation by train to Køge is not included in the tour costs (approximately €15 per person, payable on site).
Overnight in Køge.

Day 10: Køge – Copenhagen (27-34 miles/43-55 km)
Today's leg of the trip leads you along the beach. You may choose to visit the Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj. Copenhagen is enchanting. All points of interest can be reached by foot from the central train station. Don't forget to spend an evening at Tivoli Gardens or take a stroll around the old harbor.
Overnight in Copenhagen.

Day 11: Departure from Copenhagen
Depart after breakfast.

From Copenhagen: Wednesdays, Jun 12-Sep 4, 2019.

Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen
Day 2: Copenhagen – Køge (27-34 miles/43-55 km)
Day 3: Køge - Island of Møn (31-43 miles/50-69 km)
Day 4: Island of Møn – Nykøbing/Falster (49 miles/78 km)
Day 5: Nykøbing/Falster – Rostock (24 miles/38 km)
Day 6: Rostock – Güstrow/Krakow region (34-48 miles/54-78 km)
Day 7: Gustrow/Krakow - Waren (28-43 miles/45-69 km)
Day 8: Waren – Neustrelitz (40 miles/65km)
Day 9: Neustrelitz – Fuerstenberg/Zehdenick (28-48 miles/45-78 km)
Day 10: Fuerstenberg/Zehdenick – Oranienburg (22-47 miles/35-75 km)
Day 11: Departure from Oranienburg

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


From Berlin: Mondays, Jun 3-Aug 26; Thursdays, Jul 4-Aug 15, 2019. From Copenhagen: Wednesdays, Jun 12-Sep 4, 2019.
Low Season: Jun 03, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019, Aug 20, 2019 - Sep 12, 2019
High Season: Jun 24, 2019 - Aug 19, 2019


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
High season surcharge
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Bike Rentals
Hybrid touring bike, 24-speed
Electrically assisted bike
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Cancellation Conditions
Up to 30 days before scheduled arrival date -- Cancellation 50,00 Euro*
29 - 21 days before arrival -- 30%
20 - 07 days before arrival -- 60%
06 - 01 days before arrival -- 80%
Scheduled day of arrival -- 90%
During scheduled tour dates --90% 
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There is no fee for changes and cancellations of extended stays unless there is a verifiable hotel cancellation fee.

2. Children
Children, 0 - 4 yrs. old, €10 per night.

Children, 5 - 15 yrs. Upon request, a discount for an extra bed for a child between 5 and 15 yrs. old applies with two adults in a double room. Reduction of 50%.

3. Booking Procedure
Booking requests must be sent by fax, mail, or E-mail. Bookings are made according to availability. Blocked dates are announced immediately.

4. Travel Information
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5. Claims
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6. Payment
Invoices must be paid in full 14 day before of arrival.

7. Other
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Place of jurisdiction is Stralsund, Germany.

Stralsund, 3 Aug 2017

All photos used by permission. ©Mecklenburger Radtour


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  • 4 Star 4
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Average Ratings

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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 2.8
  • Value 4
  • Included meals 4.4
  • Bikes & equipment 4.2
  • Hotels or boat 3.7
  • Scenery 4.7
  • Ease of navigation 3.9
  • Tour documents 3.3
  • Local tour company services 4.4
  • Route selection 4.6


Ray1 September 5, 2018

great trip, though not for everyone

A "self guided" trip, it's not for everyone, even with guide book you will get lost in the almost 400 miles, and unless traveling with a companion might be alone for long stretches. It was August, among hottest in many years in Germany and Denmark, no hotels with AC. First night my room was a converted attic with spiral stair case like a light house (not easy with luggage) and quite hot. For most part hotels were fine, food good. I enjoyed the ever changing scenery, small villages, friendly people.

JessieV July 11, 2018

More Challenges Than Expected

The scenery was lovely and the bike route was easy to follow, and also mostly on dedicated paths, which we very much enjoyed. The daily mileage, however, was more than anticipated - approx. 40+ miles per day. This would have perhaps felt like a minor increase, but the bikes they gave us compounded it exponentially. These were the worst bikes I've had on a tour (I've done four others). The bikes included seat and fork suspension, which I imagine the tour operator thought would be useful for the few segments of the route that end up on cobblestone or gravel, but they made the bikes SO HEAVY! Even gentle inclines became difficult - and we're from Seattle, so we're accustomed to riding up hills! We'd stand and pedal in hopes of getting more leverage and our bikes would basically turn into pogo sticks. We dubbed this maneuver "go sticking". The other thing that was challenging, was the lack of amenities along the way. We did a bike trip in Italy in 2017 and every 10 km there would be somewhere to get water or an espresso or a sandwich, but in the Germany section especially these things were few and far between. My overall recommendations would be to 1. reserve the electric bike 2. pack a picnic lunch each day

Blenda June 30, 2018

Best way to see the country!

A perfectly wonderful way to experience the countryside. Stop when you want, go at your own pace. Talk to the locals. No busy roads. Cycle on paved country lanes, dirt paths through the forest, by the sea.

CAE Bike June 30, 2018

The overall experience was very good. Only disappointment was with the material provided. The highlights and descriptions of what to look for along the route were only provided in German. We were a group of 6 Canadians so were at a distinct disadvantage.

BigRider05 June 25, 2018

Perfect pace for a cycling adventure

Great way to see Germany and Denmark. The route is not particularly hilly, however is a bit windy in Denmark. The self-paced route guides point out many sight-seeing and historic sites and swimming options, as well as options to supplement some of your daily distances with trains. The company also provided GPS files which allowed us to be on auto-pilot most of the time! We met very nice people on this tour: planning to meet up for coffee/cake breaks or dinner gave us a great chance to get to know them better. This was our third tour booked through Bike Tours and we will definitely use them again!

MateoR June 20, 2018

Scenic tour of northern Germany and southern Denmark on designated bike paths

The Berlin to Copenhagen bicycle path is an excellent way to tour some beautiful portions of Germany and Denmark

Long legs August 30, 2017

Beautiful Scenery

Wind in the ears as extravagant scenery scrolled by. Really a fun and lovely trip for this solo traveler.

Responses from

Jim Johnson, founder and president February 16, 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback. What a wonderful way to describe a bike tour: "Wind in the ears as extravagant scenery scrolled by." I love that! And I'm delighted you had a great time.
Candan August 14, 2017

Copenhagen and Southward

I would recommend this tour for anyone who wishes to discover south Zealand and the Mecklenburger lakes region by bicycle. For the most part by dedicated paved cycle paths and very good support from the Mecklenburger team. Excellent!

JulieG August 8, 2016

Loved it!

A great trip to get the flavor of both Germany and Denmark (it was fun to observe the differences). Each day you wake up to a great buffet breakfast and then cycle all day - and I do mean all day. If, like me, you are not a strong cyclist, you will find it challenging. Stronger cyclists (and people who get up earlier than 8 am) may find more time to stop and see things along the way, but for us, there was little time to linger. The actual mileage (the bikes had odometers) was about 10 km longer (each day) than listed. We rode until around 4pm (with occasional stops) and then relaxed at the hotel a bit before exploring the town and going for dinner. I think the trip is great for people who really want an active vacation. With the exception of 2 of the hotels in Germany, we loved the accommodations. The tour was very well organized both with the local tour company and Bike (who were very
helpful when booking). Traveling like this is so much more fun than the conventional way. We loved biking through the tiny towns, quiet woods and farmlands.

Janie7 August 2, 2016

Excellent family tour

Our family of 4 just returned from an excellent 11 night, 10 day self-guided ride from Berlin to Copenhagen. We found the Mecklenburg Radtour company to be extremely well organized, have good equipment and would recommend anyone interested in a great, active holiday to give this a try! This was our first experience with, but we met 4-5 groups of bikers who had done multiple trips with other outfitters who felt this was particularly well organized. The hotels ranged from fine to excellent, and all had terrific breakfasts! The majority of the 400 miles was on well maintained paths and roads with only a few difficult areas.