Copenhagen Private Bike Tour

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    Rider Level: Leisure Family-friendly bike tours

    3 hours
    From Kr.625 DKK

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    • Copenhagen Private Bike Tour

      Cruise through cycle-friendly Copenhagen on a private tour of Denmark's most dynamic city. You'll get acquainted with the best of the capital's culture and history, with bike rental included and stops at Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), Christiansborg, the Stock Exchange, Børsen, Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn, the Royal Theatres, the Opera house, Amalienborg Castle, Frederiks Church, the Gefion Fountain, the Little Mermaid, and the Lakes.

      Start your ride at Rådhuspladsen, the City Hall Square. This the largest square in Copenhagen and your guide will direct your attention to the Art Nouveau architecture of the City Hall building, with its glimmering gilded statue of Absalon. Here, your guide will also tell you about the Tivoli Gardens, which are visible from the City Hall and the world’s third oldest working amusement park.

      Your city tour will then head to Christiansborg, a palace and government building, which is the seat of the Danish Parliament and home to the Prime Minister's Office and the Supreme Court. The trip will also make a stop at Børsen, the stock exchange building known for its striking spire, uniquely shaped like four dragons' tails twisted together, which sadly perished in the April 2024 fire that engulfed this building.

      Your day tour will also make a stop at Kongens Nytorv, a public square surrounded by several notable buildings, including the Charlottenborg Palace and the Royal Danish Theatre. From there, you'll pedal on to Nyhavn, the picturesque canal district packed with colorful buildings, cafes, and restaurants. Cycle past the locals who line the canal with picnics and beers on warm summer evenings, or dismount and wander through the Christmas market that fills the streets in December, inhaling the spiced aromas of gløgg wine.

      Your guided tour will also take you to the Opera House, a feat of sleek, modern architecture as spectacular as the world-class performances that take place inside. Cycling on, you'll also visit Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Danish Royal Family, and Frederiks Church, one of the largest churches in Scandinavia.

      Your private bike tour will stop at the Gefion Fountain, depicting the Norse goddess Gefion creating the island of Zealand, on which Copenhagen is located. You'll also get a chance to stop for a picture with perhaps the most famous monument in all of Copenhagen: the Little Mermaid. This bronze mermaid is based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale and no sightseeing of Copenhagen would be complete without an enchanting encounter with her statuesque presence. Finally, you'll conclude your bicycle tour with a peaceful ride through the parks that border a series of three interconnected lakes, curving around the city’s western margin.

      • Tivoli Amusement Park, Copenhagen, Denmark. Hasibe Salim@Unsplash
      • Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen, Denmark. Nick Karvounis@Unsplash.
      • Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen, Denmark. CC:Dick Lyon
      • Nyhavn Harbor, Copenhagen, Denmark. Febiyan@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Daily 2:30 pm ~5:30 pm


      Rate DKK
      Adult · Ages 18+ Kr.625
      Child Bike • 20" · 120-140 cm Kr.625
      Child Bike • 24'' · 140-160 cm Kr.625
      E-Bike Kr.775
      Cargo Bike · One adult two kids Kr.825
      Tandem Bike · One adult one childs Kr.825
      E-Cargo Bike · One adult two kids Kr.925
      Bring your own bike · Bring your own bike and get a discount of 50 DKK Kr.575

      Private day tour, booked upon request.


      Rådhuspladsen (The City Hall Square), Tivoli, Christiansborg, Børsen (the Stock Exchange), Kongens Nytorv, Nyhavn, the Royal Theatre, the Opera house, Amalienborg Castle, Frederiks Church, the Gefion Fountain, the Little Mermaid, the Lakes

      What’s included

      • Bike rental
      • Local English-speaking guide

      Meeting place & directions

      Copenhagen Bikes
      Åboulevard 3
      1635 København V

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