At a glance

Slovakia is a popular vacation spot because of its folk traditions and architecture, mountains and caves, medieval castles and natural landscapes. A charming country marked by a long and storied history, Slovakia is enjoying unprecedented growth while conserving and celebrating its many historical and cultural monuments and sites.

For some, a visit to Slovakia means a trip to a simpler time, away from the crazed hustle of the city. The countryside is an idyllic and serene place with lush meadows and vibrant hills. Nature lovers will enjoy the bird watching and animal spotting among the abundance of plant life that the Slovakian countryside offers. For city slickers, Bratislava is an ideal spot. An interesting mix of old and new, you can go to concerts, nightclubs, and high-end shops, or you can visit the medieval and Soviet-era buildings mingled throughout the city. The many hills and the heights of Bratislava Castle offer sweeping views of the city and, on clear days, Hungary and Austria.

Why cyclists love it

Because of the hills, mountains, and Danube River, Slovakia is a popular destination for cycling tours. There are many paved and reserved roads for cyclists, so a Slovakia bike tour can be appealing for visitors of all fitness levels. Its small size and location also make bicycle tours in Slovakia ideal – many bike tour routes span neighboring countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, and Hungary. For example, bike tours along the Amber Trail follow the historic trade route for amber through Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. Danube cycle path tours are also popular with stops in Slovakia.

Tour spotlight

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Vienna to Budapest (Service Plus)
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Fast facts

Language: Slovak 
Currency: Euro 
Population: 5,379,455 
Size: 18,932 square miles (49,035 square kilometers) - about the size of Maryland 
Border countries: Czech RepublicAustriaPolandUkraine, and Hungary 
National tourist office: