Milan Sunset Bike Tour with Aperitivo

    • 3 hours
    • From €50 EUR
    • Milan
    Rider Level: Leisure

    Rider Level: Leisure

    3 hours
    From €50 EUR

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    • A sunset cycle around the world's fashion capital

      You can't beat an Italian sunset, and this family-friendly bike tour brings you right to the heart of Milan in the golden hours. As the sun dips beneath the horizon and bathes the city in a fiery haze, your guide will take you on a magical journey to some of Milan's best-known sightseeing spots, including Porta Sempione's Arco della Pace, Sempione Street, Castello Sforzesco, Bosco Verticale, and Porta Nuova. Along the way, you'll stop for a refreshment in an atmospheric Italian bar, giving you the chance to enjoy Milan's dolce vita with the lively locals.

      Pushing off towards Porta Sempione's Arco della Pace, glide through the "Arch of Peace" (Milan's city gate) and discover Sempione Street, the most iconic street in Milan for Italian partygoers. The atmosphere at this time of the evening is alive with exciting murmurs as locals gear up for their lively nighttime antics. Cycling onwards to the Castello Sforzesco, "Sforza's Castle", you'll discover a medieval fortification unique to Milan. Once one of the largest citadels in Europe, Castello Sforzesco is a truly breathtaking sight, its underlit redbrick walls and towers seemingly ablaze at sunset. Cycle out of its commanding shadow into the historic district of Brera. Here, you'll meet some of the city's renowned artists as you soak up the bohemian atmosphere of this antiquary area.

      This is all before you reach the Bosco Verticale and Porta Nuova, where you’ll see the other side of Milan- modern architecture and vibrant futurism. The Bosco Verticale is a bizarre feature of the Milanese cityscape, consisting of a pair of plant-clad towers - 'vertical forests'. One of Europe's biggest redevelopment projects, the towers of Bosco Verticale, standing at 111 and 76 meters, are covered in more than 900 trees! Your bicycle tour reaches its flamboyant finale in Porta Nuova, Europe's richest district within any city, for an aperitivo.

      A sunset bike tour with a true touch of class!

      • Aperitivo for two, Milan, Italy. Unsplash: Chris Hahn
      • Canal Naviglio at broad day light, Milan. Unsplash:Laurine Peyrard
      • Canal Naviglio Grande at night, Milan, Lombardy, Italy. CC:Spens03
      • Duomo Cathedral Square in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. ouael Bensalah@Unsplash

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      Days Start Finish
      Friday & Saturday · May 1–Sep 30 5:00 pm ~8:00 pm


      Rate EUR
      Adult €50



      Arco della Pace, Sempione Street, Castello Sforzesco, Brera, Bosco Verticale, Porta Nuova, aperitivo

      What’s included

      • Bike and helmet rental
      • English-speaking guide
      • A bottle of water on start and aperitivo (one drink + mix of local appetizers)

      Meeting place & directions

      Velocipedi - Via Dei Carracci 8, Milano, Italia

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