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Best of Slovenia: Highlights Across the Country From Bled to Piran

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  • 10 nights | 28 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €895
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  1. Mostly flat, wide trails
  2. Some gentle slopes, wide trails
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

This cross country tour, focuses on visiting Slovenia's main attractions and countless natural points of interest.

Beginning in Bled, known for its beautiful setting and island church, you cycle towards the Bohinj valley high in the Juliun Alps. From there you will cycle to such sites as the Triglav National Park, the Pokljuka high plateau, the capital city of Ljubljana, vineyards in the Karst region and Lipizzaner horses.

Along the way you will pass through vineyards, beautiful countryside and small villages as you make your way to the coast. Such a combination reveals the best that Slovenia has to offer!

Daily Program

Day 1: Arrival to Bled
You will arrive in Bled, a world famous town on the shore of a beautiful glacial lake. Defined by its unique island church sitting proudly in the middle of this immense body of water, surrounded by towering alpine mountains, and the castle perched high on a cliff standing guard over the town, Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions.
Overnight in Bled.

Day 2: Bled – Bohinjska Bistrica (Bohinj Valley) (17 miles/27 km or 26 miles/43 km with side trip to waterfall Savica)
You will be taken by bus up to the high plateau at Pokljuka. From here you can marvel at the stunning views before gliding down into the neighboring Bohinj Valley, the jewel in the heart of the Triglav National Park. You will cycle through the many small alpine villages scattered across the valley until reaching the small settlement of Ribčev Laz (Fisherman’s Pass) lying next to the stunning Lake Bohinj. Wedged into the corner of this dead-end valley, Bohinj is the largest and deepest lake in the national park and is surrounded by shimmering mountain peaks. The view across this lake from the bridge at Ribčev Laz is unrivaled.

Cycle around the lake to Savica Waterfall, source of the Sava Bohinjka River, and then take the cable car up to Vogel Mountain for a spectacular view into the Bohinj Valley and of Mount Triglav, the highest peak in the Julian Alps. Explore the forests surrounding the lake before spending the evening in one of the cozy village pubs and trying the local homemade honey brandy. Cycling downhill, at the foot of Mount Triglav. Triglav National Park, very peaceful area.
Overnight in Ribcev Laz (Bohinj).

Day 3: Bohinjska Bistrica (Bohinj) – Skofja Loka (31 miles/49 km)
Leaving Bohinj you cycle to the lovely village of Bohinjska Bistrica, where you can admire the picture-perfect backdrop. Then it’s up 750 m/2400 ft to the Jelovica high plateau (a “help out” lift to top of mountain pass is available for this part of the trip at an extra cost of €20 per person; payable upon arrival and needs to be reserved at least 2 days ahead). From the top, the route takes you through a deep forest which soon drops off into the Selška Dolina Valley leading to the Škofja Loka hills.

The first stop is at the little alpine village of Sorica, set among low green hills. This is the birthplace of the famous Slovene painter, Ivan Grohar. As you ride into the village his statue will greet you. Visit his gallery where you’ll find a limited collection of his work. The next stop is at the historic iron-smelting town of Železniki, where you will find the remains of an old blast furnace dating from 1826. Stop in one of the village inns along the way and try the delicious trout. Finally you arrive in the wonderful town of Škofja Loka, one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. If you are not too tired you can cycle up to the castle on the hill overlooking town. Spend the rest of the evening wandering through the old streets of this historic medieval town.
Overnight in Skofja Loka.

Day 4: Skofja Loka – Ljubljana (19 miles/31 km)
Once settled into your hotel, you will visit the historic old town and marvel at the ornate, old-world architecture and lovely “fin de siecle” mansions. Then it’s a short walk or ride up to the mighty Ljubljana Castle, perched high on a hill and standing guard over the old town and city center. From its tower, you get a commanding view of Ljubljana’s heart and soul.

As the sun goes down you can choose between relaxing with a drink in the many outdoor bars/cafes beside the Ljubljanica River, or take an evening stroll, enjoying the lights and vibrant sounds of the city and its charismatic people. Or perhaps do both!
Overnight in Ljubljana.

Day 5: Ljubljana – Vrhnika (24 miles/39 km or 36 miles/57 km with side trip to Iski Vintgar Valley)
As the morning sun begins to rise high in the sky, you will be cycling across an immense 160-square kilometer marshy plain. The Ljubljansko Barje was once a great lake until it dried up 6000 years ago, leaving behind an incredibly diverse landscape that is now home to some of Europe’s rarest forms of bird, plant and insect life.

Along the way you can take a short walk into the picturesque Iški Vintgar gorge nature reserve, carved deep into a stunning limestone dolomite plateau, and visit the remnants of the world’s highest railway viaduct in Borovnica. Just before arriving in Vrhnika, you can visit the Technical Museum of the Republic of Slovenia housed in Bistra Castle, where you’ll find a great hunting collection and an interesting exhibition of Tito’s cars.
Overnight in Vrhnika.

Day 6: Vrhnika – Postojna (20 miles/32 km or 27 miles/44 km with side trip to nature reserve Rakov Skocjan)
A slightly more demanding day over gentle hills, forest roads and a typical Carst polje (field). On this day the roads will take you away from the main tourist routes and off the beaten track. You will experience the real Slovenian countryside as you cycle past the beautiful Slivnica Mountain and the magical disappearing lake of Planina, and marvel at the wonders of this vast world of limestone. You can stop for a picnic lunch in the Rakov Škocjan nature reserve, where the Rak River has carved out a stunning gorge containing some of nature’s most incredible landscape formations, including two natural bridges.
Overnight in Postojna.

Day 7: Postojna – Stanjel (26 miles/42 km or 30 miles/48 km with side trip to Predjama Castle)
So far nearly 30 million tourists have visited this stunningly beautiful underground Postojna cave formation, carved deep into the heart of the limestone hills. This is the most extensive cave system in Slovenia, covering a total of 21 kilometers. The 1.5-hour tour will take you through a fairytale world full of large and colorful stalactites and stalagmites, not forgetting the unique "human fish," a mysterious creature that lives in dark pools inside the caves.

You can also take a short detour to the impenetrable fortress of Predjama castle, wedged tight into a crevasse halfway up a 123-meter cliff-face protruding dramatically into the surrounding basin. Here lived a vivacious and daring knight. Erasmus kept a whole army at bay by utilizing the secret of the Predjama Caves to sneak out for supplies, which included freshly picked cherries which he used to throw at his adversaries to taunt them. Take the tour and learn how Erasmus met his untimely demise in less than poetic circumstances, as he was literally caught with his pants down.
Overnight in Stanjel.

Day 8: Stanjel – Lipica – Divača (30 miles/48 km)
First stop is at the lovely botanical garden in Sežana, then it’s on to the stud farm of Lipica, where you can visit these beautiful thoroughbred Lipizaner horses whose glistening white coats and gentle, graceful dancing have earned them a worldwide reputation. The history of the Lipica horses is closely linked to the Vienna riding school. Take a tour in a traditional carriage, watch them perform and visit them close up in their stables. This will be a day to remember. If you have the time for a couple of side-trips, you can also visit the unusual but very interesting War Museum set in the village tower of Lokev.
Overnight in Divača.

Day 9: Divača – Muggia (24 miles/38 km)
If you skipped Postojna caves – this morning you can visit Škocjan Caves – no less interesting but way less frequented Karst Caves – even listed as UNESCO natural monument! You can take a slight diversion into the Italian town of Trieste - once an important port with its worldly flair and wonderful atmosphere.

Visit the castle, cathedral and Piazza Unita central square. Trieste was once part of Slovenia whilst under the rule of the Austrian monarchy. Relax with a cappuccino in the many old-fashioned cafes. The day trip ends in the town of Muggia. After a days cycling it's time to enjoy gelato in the old town center or relax on the beach.
Overnight in Muggia.

Day 10: Muggia – Piran (23 miles/37 km or 30 miles/48 km with side trip to salt pans Seca)
Cycling along the coastal path on new cycling path following former railway line. Enjoy great vistas of Slovene coast and Trieste Bay. A coffee stop in the fashionable resort of Portorož is a must. The trip ends in the gorgeous Venetian little harbor village of Piran.
Overnight in Piran.

Day 11: Departure from Pirana

Route Map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Daily: Mar 16-Oct 12, 2019
Low season: Mar 16, 2019 - May 10, 2019, Sep 21, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019
High season: May 11, 2019 - Sep 20, 2019


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Optional evening dinner plan (8 dinners; not available in Skofja Loka and Muggia)
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Extra Nights, Bled, 4-star hotel
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Extra Nights, Ljubljana, 4-star hotel
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Single room (1 person/1 room)
Extra Nights, Piran, 4-star hotel
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Single room (1 person/1 room)
Ljubljana Airport to Bled (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Piran to Ljubljana Airport (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Piran to Ljubljana Downtown (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Klagenfurt Airport to Bled (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Piran to Bled (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Piran to Trieste Downtown (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
Piran to Trieste Airport (per person/per way, minimum of 2)
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Average Ratings

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  • Difficulty level (Actual vs. expected) 3.1
  • Value 4.6
  • Included meals 3.6
  • Bikes & equipment 3.5
  • Hotels or boat 3.7
  • Scenery 4.9
  • Ease of navigation 3.9
  • Tour documents 4.2
  • Local tour company services 4.5
  • Route selection 4.5
  • Guides (if applicable) 4


Purple Sneakers September 9, 2018

Slovenia is wonderful!

an excellent tour around western slovenia, though too little time in Ljubljana which deserves more than a full day. by the same token the tour could lingered in the mountains as well, which are breathtaking. an extra day would enhance the tour enormously. on the other hand, Hela Tours are the worst. our bikes were not properly fitted; required a bike shop on the second day to adjust the derailleur, the brakes, add air to the tires and adjust the seat post and handlebars. the description for the route was in general adequate, but there were far too many wrong turns or simply bewilderment, indecipherable language. a GPS would have eliminated these nuisances.

Breno Ok June 24, 2018

Great Tour to the Best of Slovenia

It was really beyond my expectations. Surely one of the best self-ride bike tour I have ever had.
Staff was great from the time we started talking until the last minute of the tour. Even in an event of a cancelled flight they managed the situation and rearranged the transfer to Bled with no extras.
Bike worked very well and was in perfect conditions. I opted to get the MTB bike and this proved to be the right thing for this tour. Hybrid ones may work fine as well.
Scenary is awesome. Each day a highlight to tell. Terrain was not a big issue, except for the second day, with a 12-km hard climb. But if you are in good condition you can try it. Other than that I found the entire tour easily rideable.
Hotels are very good on average. One or another was slightly below the expectation. Breakfast was also great. I did not booked other meals because I wanted some free choice along the way.
Roads are in good condition. Some of them has considerable traffic, but I felt a nice respect from drivers. Just assume caution and stay focused on the way. Others were so tranquil and peaceful with jaw-dropping views.
Cue cards were accurate but there are some tricky parts. Not a big issue though. They can also send gps files so that you can load them to your device if you have one. Just ask in advance.
Luggage transfer was on time everyday. It was really handy.
All in all, great tour where you will definitely glimpse the best of Slovenia.

psteckler October 22, 2017

Good sampler for western Slovenia

No one told me about the cows. On the riding first day, in a rural area, I encountered a trio of cows blocking the road. I wasn't sure about the protocol for dealing with them, but we all managed to get by one another without any injuries.

I really lucked out with the weather. I started in mid-October, and every day ended in sunshine. There was no rain at all. For the first few days, most mornings were chilly and overcast, sometimes even foggy. By the end of the ride, I got full days of sunshine. Don't expect this weather every October!

For the most part, I liked the route. The climb on the second riding day would have been a nice challenge on my road bike; on the rented touring bike, it was pretty hard, and I had to walk much of it. The Helia truck came by and offered me a lift, but I was determined to get to the top under my own power. There were some gravel sections, and a couple of stretches along busy roads that were unpleasant. Much of the route was on lightly-traveled roads, and many roads were nearly-vacant farm or forest roads. With a couple of exceptions, the drivers gave me a wide berth.

The rented bike was predictably sturdy and heavy. I had no mechanical issues during the ride, other than a squeaky back brake.

The accommodation was very good, for the most part. Yes, I found a cockroach in one room; that gives me a story to tell. The electricity went out at Hotel Tartini in Piran on the final morning, but breakfast was already prepared; another story to tell. The hotel staff was very helpful everywhere. The breakfasts were all good, perhaps too good. Too bad I don't like to ride after eating a lot.

There were some confusing bits in the cue sheets, and I got lost a couple of times. I've written to Helia about the issues I found. For the most part, the cue sheets were adequate. Asking locals and Google Maps set me straight.

I flew in and out of Ljubljana. To get to Bled at the start, and back from Piran at the end, I used ordinary commercial bus services, which worked well.

I really enjoyed Slovenia, and hope to visit again to see more of the country.

Chris 77 September 16, 2017

Best of Slovenia

Of all our European tours, the route and scenery was the best - Slovenia really is a hidden gem. Some of the hotels are just average - one great - Hisa Posebne Sorte. Try to have the tour company not book their fall back hotel, Vila Bojana in Bled for you. But this is not an experience to miss.

Ian Fraser August 29, 2017

Slovenian Bike Tour

It was an absolutely fabulous bike tour. The country is varied and beautiful. The bike tour we were on "Best of Slovenia" took us through all sorts of different landscapes from the Alps to the Adriatic. Quite fantastic.

TriaT July 10, 2017

Hillier than described

This was our third family trip booked through Bike Tours Direct. The previous two were in Austria (Danube and Salzburg loop). We have two daughters, age 11 and 13, who are physically fit and mentally strong. This trip, lovely as it was, was too challenging for them. There is some serious climbing required and it should be rated at least a 3. It doesn't necessarily look like much on the profile but with the scale it's very deceptive. After 6 days cycling we needed a rest day so gave in and the bike company helped order a taxi that could take us and the bikes to Lipica. Overall the route took us through some wonderful scenery, starting in the Alps, then the Karst hills, and finally to the Adriatic coast. But most of it was on roads rather than bike paths, often with busy traffic. We're experienced road riders but found the Slovenian drivers to be rather aggressive and none of the roads had shoulders.
We also were a little disappointed in the destinations each night. The trip started in a fantastic place, Lake Bled, and ended in a very different but equally picturesque town, Piran, but too many of the overnights in between were in nondescript towns with little to explore. The distances weren't huge each day so we took our time and ate lunch along the way. Typically we arrived at the hotel around 2pm so had plenty of time to explore the new location but in 3-4 of the locations there was nothing to see, which was a real shame as on a trip like this part of the excitement is getting to the new place each day.
The hotels were of mixed standards. Some were modern, some very old and tired. Air conditioning seemed to be a challenge in all of them, though sorely needed. Wifi was spotty at best. Bathrooms are universally tiny.
We did some but not all of the side trips. It was raining at Lake Ribcev so we didn't do the waterfall or swim in the lake, which was a shame. Indoor Aquapark at the Eco Hotel was a godsend, given the rain that afternoon. Predjama Castle is a must. Also the Postojna caves. The Lipica stud farm was lovely, though the show a little underwhelming.
The food in Slovenia was a pleasant surprise. It's heavily influenced by Italy so every other restaurant offers pizza and pasta, plenty of salads, grilled meat and fish. Local wines were good. And everyone we encountered along the way spoke excellent English.
If you're looking to explore a new country, this is a great way to sample Slovenia. But the infrastructure and culture geared towards cycling just isn't there yet in the same way that it is in countries like Austria, Germany.
There were a few times where the directions didn't match the odometer readings and we had to rely on Google maps for cross reference. If you don't have an international data plan on your phone I highly recommend it. Overall though the directions were pretty good. And Helia, the local bike company, was very appreciative of any suggestions for improvement.

Responses from Biketours.com

Jim Johnson December 12, 2018
Thanks so much for your detailed and thoughtful response! That's one of the many aspects of our clients that we truly treasure: You give feedback not to complain or simply be critical but to improve the experience for future clients. We know that Helia will also take your feedback to heart. For 2018, we will change the tour to a Level 3 and add more information to the "Surface and terrain" part of the tour page. Again, thank you for being a part of the BikeTours.com "community!"
TheVerns June 6, 2017

Slovenia seems like an undiscovered jewel of a country!

We chose this tour because we knew that Slovenia was beautiful but we did not expect the country to be so friendly, the food was excellent, the hotels were very comfortable. Bled is like a fairy tale and likely the most famous of the stops it was not our favorite. It truly is difficult in hind-site to pick a favorite but we really loved Piran at the end! Maybe we just needed to see the ocean?

hhhh October 19, 2016

Slovenia,,Wonderful Country

Good bikes, maps, reliable drivers, everything we needed...well organized..overall very good, mostly nice hotels a very good value
two exceptions...
1 we paid for the A hotels and 2 hotels were particularly bad...
Vila Andor and M Hotel in lbjuana.
2 do not get the meal package..they often gave us special menus with lower end meals....you are best just to use restaurants and meals of your choice

Responses from Biketours.com

Lindsay Nash December 12, 2018
Hi, thanks very much for sharing your experience! I just wanted to note that this tour only has 3- and 4-star hotels available (no Category A or B options), and it looks like our tour advisors also chatted with you further about this in an e-mail. But, as this local tour operator said, Slovenia is a very small country and staying in small hotels and guesthouses adds to the wonderful experience of the country and its local people. Thank you again for your feedback, and we're happy that overall you had a wonderful experience. Kind regards, Lindsay
Alpskier November 14, 2015

A Great Trip Across a Great Country

Loved cycling through Slovenia. Warm, friendly people, terrific accommodations, and spectacular scenery made it very, very special. The ride begins in the majestic Julien Alps and courses its way through verdant farm lands, remote villages, the capital city of Ljubljana, and ends on Adriatic sea at the beautiful & ancient town of Piran. Accommodations were fine, some were truly charming, featuring architecture unique to Slovenia. The meal plan was a bargain and the foods and beers were delicious. The 9 day ride largely followed low-trafficked roads, where drivers were courteous. The well-devised road book made navigation manageable, as the route isn't as clearly marked the way it's done in most of Western Europe. Still, there were no worries at all, even as a solo rider. Surprisingly, English was widely spoken. The route featured rolling hills, none of which were too strenuous, nor was mileage an issue. There were lots of downhills as the trip starts high in the Alps and descends to the sea. The local tour operator was very helpful and the bikes were well maintained. Starting out in the fairy-book town of Lake Bled with its famous island church was a reward in itself. Here's a good tip: It's worth the 15 Euro to have a van bring you to the top of the mountain on the second day. Biking it seemed absurd. The capital city was accessible and having dinner near the famous three bridges confluence still brings a smile to my face as I remember the sea of young people going from bar to bar. It's all good, not to mention one of the great travel bargains in the Biketours universe.

SWTA November 6, 2015

Slovenia: Europe's hidden gem!

We did this trip as a family of 4, including a 13 and 15 y/o. We have traveled extensively and we all found Slovenia wonderful. We all agreed this was one of the our best trips ever. Modern enough to be comfortable but still having a lot of old world charm. The hotels were comfortable and we had no trouble finding a good meal. The other positive is that everyone spoke English and we had no language barriers.

The biking was moderately challenging even as a 2 rated trip. But every day was was really great and different. From the mountains to the sea. We rented the bikes from the base company - Helia - and didn't have any equipment failures!