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Emerald Tour of Slovenia’s Gems

“Delightful ride though forests, farmland, and ancient coastal cities.” — Tim

“Delightful ride though forests, farmland, and ancient coastal cities.” — Tim

“Delightful ride though forests, farmland, and ancient coastal cities.” — Tim

“Delightful ride though forests, farmland, and ancient coastal cities.” — Tim

“Delightful ride though forests, farmland, and ancient coastal cities.” — Tim
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  • 7 nights | 26 miles/day
  • Difficulty Level: 2
  • Self-guided from: €640
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Tour Type: Guided Self-guided

Tour description

On this classical Slovene bike tour, you will visit the most known Slovene historical attractions and natural points of interest. The tour starts in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. After exploring the capital's old town center and mighty fortress, you cyle across the Karst region on the way to the Adriatic Sea. Along the way, you will pass Postojna Caves, the small village of Stanjel and Predjama Castle. You will even have the option to cycle into Italy and visit Trieste or spend a day on the beach. Koper, an island town above Adriatic, is the final stop of this tour of Slovenia's gems.

Daily program

Day 1: Arrival to Ljubljana
After arriving in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, make sure to visit the old town center, lovely “fin de siecle” mansions and mighty fortress above the city. Relax with a drink on the bank of Ljubljanica river or take an evening walk, enjoying the lights and sounds of the city.
Overnight in Ljubljana

Day 2: Ljubljana – Vrhnika (24 miles/39 km or 36 miles/57 km with side trip to Iski Vintgar Valley)
A nice easy first day across the historic and richly diverse plains surrounding the capital. As the morning sun begins to rise high in the sky, you will be cycling across an immense 160-square kilometer marshy plain. The Ljubljansko Barje was once a great lake until it dried up 6000 years ago, leaving behind an incredibly diverse landscape that is now home to some of Europe’s rarest forms of bird, plant and insect life.

Along the way you can take a short walk into the picturesque Iški Vintgar gorge nature reserve, carved deep into a stunning limestone dolomite plateau, and visit the remnants of the world’s highest railway viaduct in Borovnica. Just before arriving in Vrhnika, you can visit the Technical Museum of the Republic of Slovenia housed in Bistra Castle, where you’ll find a great hunting collection and an interesting exhibition of Tito’s cars.
Overnight in Vrhnika

Day 3: Vrhnika – Postojna (20 miles/32 km or 27 miles/44 km with side trip to nature reserve Rakov Skocjan)
A slightly more demanding day over gentle hills, forest roads and a typical Carst polje (field). On this day the roads will take you away from the main tourist routes and off the beaten track. You will experience the real Slovenian countryside as you cycle past the beautiful Slivnica Mountain and the magical disappearing lake of Planina, and marvel at the wonders of this vast world of limestone.

You can stop for a picnic lunch in the Rakov Škocjan nature reserve, where the Rak River has carved out a stunning gorge containing some of nature’s most incredible landscape formations, including two natural bridges.
Overnight in Postojna

Day 4: Postojna – Štanjel/Kodreti (26 miles/42 km or 30 miles/48 km with side trip to Predjama Castle)
So far nearly 30 million tourists have visited this stunningly beautiful underground Postojna cave formation, carved deep into the heart of the limestone hills. This is the most extensive cave system in Slovenia, covering a total of 21 kilometers. The 1.5-hour tour will take you through a fairytale world full of large and colorful stalactites and stalagmites, not forgetting the unique "human fish," a mysterious creature that lives in dark pools inside the caves.

You can also take a short detour to the impenetrable fortress of Predjama castle, wedged tight into a crevasse halfway up a 123-meter cliff-face protruding dramatically into the surrounding basin. Here lived a vivacious and daring knight. Erasmus kept a whole army at bay by utilizing the secret of the Predjama Caves to sneak out for supplies, which included freshly picked cherries which he used to throw at his adversaries to taunt them. Take the tour and learn how Erasmus met his untimely demise in less than poetic circumstances, as he was literally caught with his pants down.
Overnight in Štanjel

Day 5: Štanjel – Lipica – Divača (30 miles/48 km)
First stop is at the lovely botanical garden in Sežana, then it’s on to the stud farm of Lipica, where you can visit these beautiful thoroughbred Lipizaner horses whose glistening white coats and gentle, graceful dancing have earned them a worldwide reputation. The history of the Lipica horses is closely linked to the Vienna riding school. Take a tour in a traditional carriage, watch them perform and visit them close up in their stables. This will be a day to remember.

If you have the time for a couple of side-trips, you can also visit the unusual but very interesting “War Museum” set in the village tower of Lokev.
Overnight in Divaca

Day 6: Divača – Muggia (23 miles/38 km)
If you skipped Postojna caves – this morning you can visit Škocjan Caves – no less interesting but way less frequented Karst Caves – even listed as UNESCO natural monument!

You can take a slight diversion into the Italian town of Trieste - once an important port with its worldly flair and wonderful atmosphere. Visit the castle, cathedral and Piazza Unita central square. Trieste was once part of Slovenia whilst under the rule of the Austrian monarchy. Relax with a cappuccino in the many old-fashioned cafes. Cycling along the coast there is time to stop for a gelato in old town of Muggia or relax on one of many beaches.
Overnight in Muggia

Day 7: Muggia – Piran (23 miles/37 km or 30 miles/48 km with side trip to salt pans Seca)
Cycling along the coastal road on new cycling path following former railway line. Enjoy great vistas of Slovene coast and Trieste Bay. A coffee stop in fashionable resort of Portorož is a must. The trip ends in the gorgeous Venetian little harbor village of Piran.
Overnight in Piran

Day 8: Departure
End of tour after breakfast.

Route map

Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route. Maps are for information purposes only and reflect typical routes between overnight locations. They may not reflect your actual route.


Daily: Mar 16-Oct 12, 2019
Low season: Mar 16, 2019 - May 10, 2019, Sep 21, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019
High season: May 11, 2019 - Sep 20, 2019


Tour package
Per person, double occupancy
High season surcharge
Single room surcharge (1 person/1 room)
Optional evening dinner plan (6 dinners)
4-star hotel upgrade on Day 1 in Ljubljana (per person, double occupancy)
Bike Rentals
Touring/trekking bike, 21-speed
Electrically assisted bike
Extra Nights, Ljubljana, 4-star
Per person, double occupancy
Single room (1 person/1 room)
Extra Nights, Piran
Per person, double occupancy
Single room (1 person/1 room)
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Ljubljana Airport to downtown
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Trieste Airport to Ljubljana
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Trieste city to Ljubljana
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Piran to Ljubljana Downtown
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Piran to Trieste Airport
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Piran to Trieste downtown
Per person/per way (minimum of 2), Piran to Ljubljana Airport
Child, ages 0-1 sharing room with 2 full-paying adults (on base package price)
Child, ages 2-5 sharing room with 2 full-paying adults (on base package price)
Child, ages 6-12 sharing room with 2 full-paying adults (on base package price)
Third person, ages 13 and over sharing room with 2 full-paying adults (on base package price)
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  • Ease of navigation 4.3
  • Tour documents 4.3
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TJS53 November 22, 2018

Loved Slovenia

We toured June 21st – 27th in wonderful Slovenia. The tour combined urban and rural riding on a mix of bike paths, bike lanes, country roads, natural surface forest tracks and a little busy urban riding. We enjoyed challenging climbs and at least one white knuckle descent, under mostly deep blue skies in very comfortable temperatures. Two mornings we delayed our departures until rain ceased, but we always had plenty of time to make the next hotel before nightfall. On the first three days we dealt with hills and pedaled through rolling hills with views of the Julian Alps on the horizon. We stopped to tour castles, churches, and caves. We rode with old friends and met some new ones along the way as well. The accommodations were always adequate and often very nice. In all this was a really fine tour.

JHSMTB July 15, 2018

A beautiful ride!!

Excellent tour. Beautiful roads with wonderful views. Mostly low traffic roads. Not too hilly. A little bit of gravel roads and a little bit of bike path. Views/landscape changed every day as we moved from (nearly) alpine to Karst to coastline.
Hotels were good to excellent (Vrnika hotel was so-so).
Guidebook was excellent - no problems following it, and there were even stickers on road sign posts that directed you for straight/left turn/right turn. Tour operator briefing was good.
Bikes were fine - shifting worked and brakes worked.
Make sure you visit the caves at Postojna and Skocjanske Jame. They are awesome.

WLG63 August 20, 2017

Love Slovenia!

The trip is a wonderful overview of Slovenian geography and culture. The biking is varied and not too difficult, and the routes incorporate stops and side trips to interesting cultural sites. We had 1/2 board and the breakfasts were average to better than average and certainly enough to feel satiated. We had to do some route 2 was particularly confusing, however, on day 3 we learned of the app Bikemap which is fantastic and we highly recommend....far easier to follow than the included materials (the Slovenian tour does not offer a GPS option). Though the printed material was a nice addition, we relied on Bikemap for the remainder of the trip. The lodging was average to nice, depending on the area, and all places, with the exception of one, had good air-conditioning in the rooms (we were there in August during a heat wave) and we were able to comfortably relax and sleep. Our only complaint was with the hotel in was noisy, run down, and did not have air-conditioning though they claimed to. We were hot and tired after a day of biking and unable to relax in the stuffy, dumpy rooms (we had 2 rooms and both were bad). The staff was very nice but the overall experience was a disappointment after and otherwise great trip (our experience at this hotel was not unique, I discovered many negative reviews on the internet). We were particularly frustrated because in Piran and Potoroyz there are many lodging options. I suggest the company charge
more and put clients in a nicer hotel. It's best to have clients end on a positive note. If the tour company continues to book this hotel I suggest guests find alternative lodging for the last night. Otherwise, Slovenia was wonderful and the tour a fantastic family vacation. We travelled with our 19 year old daughter.

Julie November 5, 2015

Europe's hidden gem

A great trip! Explored big cities and small town! A little bit of everything! Busy city life, quiet cafes, horses, cobbled streets, castles, caves...