The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

8 nights
Guided from EUR € 4190
Bike tour in Norway
Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway


Rider Level: Recreational Electric bike tours

8 nights

Guided from EUR € 4190
Bike tour in Norway

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  • Explore by bike the most beautiful and scenic fjord landscape in the world

    What do you think of when you think of Norway? Land of the Midnight Sun, pristine glacier-hewn fjords, majestic mountains?

    This guided bike tour in Western Norway highlights all of this and more!

    Beginning in Bergen, you ferry inland and then bike along the Sognefjord, one of the world's longest and deepest fjords. You pedal through pristine nature, dotted with small, family-owned farms, gardens, and orchards, and you stay in idyllic fjord villages.

    The scenery is spectacular and the landscape is an adventurer's dream come true. The modern-day culture is still deeply rooted in the past and is intrinsically linked to the rugged geography and climate - the Vikings were fierce because they needed to be!

    Today, you will find a farming and sea culture, passionately protected, nurtured, and preserved by laws and the community. The cuisine has also arisen from this agricultural and maritime way of life.

    Your accommodations are a collection of grand hotels, including the Havnekontoret (former Harbour House) in Bergen, the Kviknes in Balestrand, and boutique hotels, like the Fjaerland Hotel. In Vik, only one hotel is available: a simple but historic family-owned establishment. Since the town offers so much, it can not be overlooked!

    • Bryggen, Bergen, Norway. Agent J@Unsplash
    • Flåm Train Ride. CC:Karen
    • Bergen, Norway. Joel Rohland@Unsplash
    • Flåm, Aurlandsfjorden, Norway. CC:Kenny Louie
    • Lobster tails in Norway. Andre Davis@Unsplash
    • Hopperstad Stave Church, Vik, Norway. CC:Petr Šmerkl
    • Bergen, Norway. Miguel Ángel Sanz@Unsplash
    • Biking the Fjords of Western Norway

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    • Bergen
    • Fjord landscape
    • Flam Scenic Train
    • The book village of Fjaerland
    • Unique accommodations
    • Fully guided and supported

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway


  • The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Bergen
    You will love picturesque Bergen. Tucked in the middle of the mountains and fjords of Norway, it is a small quaint city easily explored by foot and bike. The historic center, Bryggen, is close to the harbor, characterized by charming streets and historic buildings. In the afternoon you will enjoy a guided walk through the old center followed by dinner. Your first hotel is located here next to the port.

    Day 2: Vik (4 miles/6 km)
    You catch the early fast ferry to Vik, navigating around the islands and fjords close to Bergen. You will arrive in Vik before lunch, pick up your bikes, and go for a short ride around the old village. Vik is tiny with much to offer, including the beautiful Hopperstad Stave Church, Hove stone church, and beach dweller settlement of Vikøyri.

    A stop at a small shop will have you sampling the local cheese, "gamalost", a distinctly Norwegian cheese. The production is quite lengthy and complicated and is not made in mass quantities. It is extremely rare to find it outside Norway and Vik is known for this delicacy.

    Day 3: Vik - Arnafjord -Vik (32 miles/52 km)
    You will cycle along the fjord to Arnafjord, a tiny settlement at the end of a country road. Once a bustling fishermen’s village, today there are only a few inhabitants. If you feel the hills are going to be a bit much, you can cut the route short.

    Day 4: Vik - Dragsvik - (Menes)- Balestrand (14 miles to 38 miles/22 to 62 km)
    You cycle along the fjord in the direction of Dragsvk, a tiny fruit-growing village. First, you will visit the statue of Fridtjof and learn about the legend. After a ferry crossing, you can either have a break here or have a snack on the ferry.

    Once you disembark, you can either cycle to Balestrand (10 km) or do a longer extra ride to Menes and back to Balestrand (50 km).

    The longer option is an out-and-back so you could actually simply turn around when you want.

    Your accommodation this evening is the historic Hotel Kviknes. The main rooms are in the comfortable “modern” part and dining takes place in the main building. This establishment has been owned by the same family since 1877. The hotel is graced with an extensive collection of artworks and antiques, creating a unique environment. Even the Emperor of Germany visited every year and brought his entourage along.

    Day 5: Balestrand - Fjaerland (13 miles/20 km)
    The morning is yours to enjoy. Sleep in, linger over breakfast and stroll the picturesque town. At noon, you depart by ferry to the glacier village of Fjaerland. The Fjaerland Fjord is beautiful to sail through. Until relatively recently, this was the only way to get to the little hamlet. Today there are tunnels and roads but arriving by water is simply lovely.

    Fjaerland is where the Sognefjord meets Jostedalsbreen Glacier. The village with just 300 inhabitants is officially an international Book Town, with 10 second-hand bookshops in various abandoned buildings – from ferry waiting rooms, stables and local banks to the post office and grocery shop.

    You then cycle from Fjaerland to the foot of the Supphellbrren Glacier located inside Jostedalsbreen National Park. At the Norsk Bremuseum, watch a panoramic film about Jostedalsbreen National Park, and experience the climate exhibition which takes you on a journey through Earth's climate history.

    Once again this evening, your accommodation is very historic and you will learn about the village, its history, and the hotel.

    Day 6: Fjaerland - Solvorn (24 miles/40 km)
    Your day begins with a transfer through a tunnel to then begin your cycling day with a lovely downhill. Your route leads far from any major thoroughfare.

    Lunch is on your own in Sognal and then the route leads close to the water, lined with wooden houses standing on poles.

    Accommodations this evening are in the historic Hotel Walaker in Solvorn.

    Day 7: Solvorn - Skjolden - Solvorn or Marifjorda (24 + 10 miles/ 39 + extra 16 km)
    Today you cross the fjord one more time with your bikes to cycle to the stave church of Urnes to enjoy a guided tour.

    Then it is onward to Skjolden, following the "romantic road" along the southern shores of the Lusterfjord. The ride is beautiful, highlighted by the cascading waterfall, the Feigefossen, well worth the hike.

    Today if you would like you can add a bit more cycling. From the hotel, ride to the border of a national park, along waterfalls, beautiful sheds, houses, and on the way back a lovely view of the very end of the Sognefjord.

    Day 8: Sightseeing Day
    You will have an early transfer to the Kaupanger Ferry for navigation to the village of Gudvangen. The ferry motors through the Naeroyfjord, the narrowest and best-known of the many arms of the Sognefjord. With its steep mountainsides, hanging valleys, towering peaks, snowfields, waterfalls, and small hamlets, this fjord is perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in Norway. From Gudvangen, you take a bus to Flam and then a very beautiful train ride up to a mountain hotel. There are no roads that lead here which makes this train ride extra scenic and unique.

    Day 9: Departure from Myrdal
    You will leave with the first train at around 10 am in the morning for Myrdal. Travel time is very short, only 6 minutes. From Myrdal there are two options: one train goes to Bergen, the other goes to Oslo. Both are rides of multiple hours, the train has a resto wagon, and you can book reserved seats. Both rides are very scenic.

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

     Photos Accommodation 

  • Accommodation


    Bergen: Havne Kontoret
    Vik: Hotel Blix
    Balestrand: Hotel Kviknes
    Fjaerland: Hotel Fjaerland Fjordstove
    Solvorn: Hotel Walaker OR Marifjorda: Hotel Torvis
    Skjolden: Hotel Skjolden
    Vatnahalsen: Hotel Vatnahalsen

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

     Daily program Bikes 

  • Bikes

    Touring Bike:

    8-speed touring bicycle with helmet (included in tour price)

    SCOTT Sub Cross 45 Men/Woman

    Electric Bike:

    E-bikes differ, but all are equipped with a 3 or 4-level support choice, eight gears, and a battery that will last the whole day and longer.

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

     Accommodation Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    June 29, 2024


    Tour Package

    Per person, double occupancy €4190
    Single use room (1 person/1 room, on request, prices starting at) €4890

    Bike Rental

    Electrically assisted bike €200

    Included services

    • Accommodation for 8 nights in hotels in Bergen, Vic (x 2), Balestrand, Fjaerland, Solvorn or Marifjorda, Skolden and Vatnahalsen
    • 5 Ferries : Bergen – Vic, Vic - Dragvik, Balestrand - Fjaerland, Solvorn - Urnes, Kaupanger-Gudvangen
    • All dinners
    • Wine menu if accommodated in Hotel Walaker
    • 4 x lunch on the 6 riding days
    • 8-speed touring bicycle with helmet
    • Guided cycling
    • Bus to Flam
    • Flambahn to Vatnahalsen
    • Luggage transfer
    • Shuttles to Solvorn or Marifjorda when needed
    • Shuttle to Kaupanger
    • Shuttle from Fjaerland to Sogndalen
    • Entrance to the Glacier Museum at Fjaerland
    • Guided walking tour in Bergen

    Tour Company

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

     Bikes Other Details 

  • Surface and terrain

    The terrain is undulating and electric bikes are recommended. There are no dedicated bike paths on the rural roads that you will travel on so you will be sharing the road. Traffic is relatively light and motorists are accustomed to cyclists. Afterall, this is an adventure wonderland. Your route also includes short distances through tunnels but your tour leader will insure that all in the group are fully informed of the local protocol and guidelines.

    How to get there

    Arrival/departure Airport:

    Flesland Bergen (BGO)

    From Flesland BGO to Bergen center:

    Express bus (20 minutes): Frequent departures from outside the arrival halls.

    Light Rail (approx. 45 min.)
    Station located outside and below airport. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket machines located at the baggage claim area.

    Taxi: Several taxi companies operate from the airport.

    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

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    The UNESCO Protected Fjords of Western Norway

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